The Girl With The Octopus Ring

" There is more to me than meets the eye." Bella whispers backing away.
Bella has seen more than most people, but when its time to move again she meets people that might change her family history. She also meets someone that she thought she had lost forever.
Will she find love and keep everything under control, or will she blow her cover and ruien everything her family has done?


3. Preforming and burning

Austin and I are about to go on and he is no where to be found! I'm going to be humiliated my second day of school!

"Two minutes!" a guy shouts telling me I'm about to go on.

I feel a hand on my sholder and jump.

"sorry I'm late." Austin says

I turn around to see Austin all dressed up,"Wow! You look great!" Austin says

I look down at my dress and shrug. It's a floor lenght dress thats a sweetheat neck line. It's black faiding to white. Someone comes up behind us and shoves us on to the stage. I take my place infront of the micstand and Austin took his spot at the piano. The same guy that shoved us on stage runs up to me and places a microphone in the stand, then runs off again. I turn to look at Austin who's setting up his sheet music.

The cutians start to rise. I'm going to sing it like Christina did, but with my own flair. The curtians are almost up, I can see the crowd, and like in the video I whisper four little words before the music starts.

"Don't look at me."

Then the music starts.'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhmmmmmm hmmmm naaaaaa yaaaaa oooh every day is so wonderful and suddenly it's hard to breath

Now and then I get insecure from all the pain feel soo ashamed.

i am beautiful no matter what they say words can't bring me down.

i am beautiful in every single way yes words can't bring me dooowwnn oooh nooo so don't you bring me down today

mmmmmmhmmmmm mhhmm

to all your ffriends your delirious soo consumed in all your dooooommm

trying hard to fill the emptyness the peice is left the puzzel undone like the way it is

you are beautiful no matter what they say words can't bring you down oooh noooo

you are beautiful in every singel way yes words can't bring you down oooooh nooo

so don't you bring me down todaaay

(no matter what we doooo) NO MATTER WHAT WEE DOOOO

(no matter what we say) NO MATTER WHAT WE SAAY


(and every where we gooooo) AND EEEEVERY WHERE WEEE GOOOOOOOOO ( the sun will allways shine) THE SUN WILL ALL WAYS ALL WAYS SHIIIIIIIIINE

we are beautiful no matter what they say yes words won't briing us dooown nooooooooohhhh

we are beatuiful in every single way yes word caaan't briiiiiiiing uuuuss dooooownnn ooooooh nooooo

so don't you bring me down todaaaayyyyy

ooooh ohh ooooh yayayay  don't you bring me down today yaaaaaayayyaaaay mhmhmhmhmmmm

don't you dring me down mmmmmhm toodaaaaaaay.'

And with that I bowed and walked off the stage followed by Austin.

" You didn't tell me you were that good at singing!" he exclaims

"You didn't ask." I simply state

I turn to walk off when Austin grabs my arm truns me around and colides his lips into mine. He pulls back after a few seconds and looks at me.

I touch my lips the whisper," Oh no."

Tears streaming down my face I turn and run. Austin calls my name, but I don't turn around. I rush to my car. Then race home. When I arrive at home I push through the door into the living room. I need to talk to my grandmother.

" Nana, I need to talk to you." I start," It was a bad idea to move back here. It brings back bad memories!"

"How so?" my grandmother ask

"Well to start out I met this kid who you'll never guess the last name of. Alexzander."

"Is it him?!" my nana ask eagerly,"Have you found him again?!"

"No,Nana I think it's one of his decendeds." I say hopefully

"What eles?"

"The Charm family. They're here."


"One of them kissed me! this can't be happening!" I scream flinging my right hand in the direction of the wall burning a hole into it.

"Child if you're going to do that take it out side." my grandmother scolds

I walk outside to the back yard.I stand there with clenched fist and a clenched jaw. I throw my fist down by my sides letting out a sream, and egnighting the lawn and bottom of my dress on fire.

I hear some one pulling up so I take a deep breath and walk inside to get the door. I open the door to find Xavier. My grandmother walks up to us and looks at Xavier.

"Is this the Charm boy?" she ask

"No, Nana this is Xavier...Alexzander." I tell her

She then walks off. Xavier gives me a weird look then shakes it off when he notices my dress steaming.

"You do know your dress is steaming right?" he ask

"Oh ya it's fine."

"Ok anyways i was wondering if you want to go to a party?"

"Ok sure."

We kind of stare at each other for a second then it clicks"Oh you mean now! Oh ok.I'll be right back." I tell him running up stairs to put a shorter dress on.

When I come back down Xavier leads me to his car. We get in then drive to someones house about five blocks down. We get out and Austin comes out. Xavier then goes inside leaving me outside with Austin.

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