The Girl With The Octopus Ring

" There is more to me than meets the eye." Bella whispers backing away.
Bella has seen more than most people, but when its time to move again she meets people that might change her family history. She also meets someone that she thought she had lost forever.
Will she find love and keep everything under control, or will she blow her cover and ruien everything her family has done?


1. New School

It's been four years sence the last time we moved. But what should it matter we've moved so many times I don't think I can count that high. Well anyways it's back to Massachusetts. I've lived here before, but nobody who lives here now knows that.

It's 7:15 and I don't know if i should just throw something on or stand out on my first day of school. I decided to leave my hair down and let my dark brown curls flow. when I noticed the time I threw on an over sized sports, short shorts, and converse. then raced down the stairs and out the house. I got into my car and drove to school.

Once there I walk to the front doors of the school and push them open. As the door I look at the books in my arms and walk in. I can feel the eyes on me.

"What did you get dressed in the dark?" a girl dressed in all pink ask me

I look her in the eye" Maybe I did. But you know maybe tomorrow I'll care and maybe tomorrow I'll dress the way you think I should." I said with sarcasim in my voice pulling out my phone, " Oh, wait I'm sorry it seems that I'm too busy to care or dress the way you want me too tomorrow." I say then  walk off.

I walk to my locker and pull out the slip of paper that has my locker combination on it. I open my locker and put my books up. My first class is music. I turn with my hand on my locker to close it when someone runs into my spilling their drink down the front of me.

"Oh my! I'm so sorry!" the boy exclaims

"No it's fine." I huff closing my locker.

"I have some clothes that my sister didn't want in my locker. They might be a little big on you, but it's the least you can let me do. You don't know how sorry I am." he says taking my wrist and pulling me to his locker.

He hands me the clothes.

"I don't recall you ever saying your name." I state looking the boy in the eye.

" Oh my name is Xavier, Xavier Alexzander."

I cring at the last name. It brings back bad memories. I shake it off and stick my hand out for him to shake " Isabella, Isabella Grace." I say with a cofident smile.

Xavier takes my had and shakes it," I'm going to call you Bella."

"kay" I shrug

Xavier pushes me towards the bathroom. I go in and change.  I don't know how his little sister didn't like this out fit? It's amazing! Black skiny jeans, a red shrit that is fitted and kinda flairs out at the bottom, and black heels! I walk out of the bathroom and see Xavier waiting for me.

"Damn girl! You look fabulous!" he exclaims.

I giggle and he grabs my hand,"People aren't going to think we're dating right ?" I ask

He laughs,"No. They all know I'm gay. So where's you're first class? Mine is music."

What? Did I hear him corectly? Wait he asked me a question I need to answer it.

"Muisc? Oh ya me too."

" Great! Lets go! We're already late." he says pulling me into a classroom.

Xavier walks to his seat and just leaves me standing at the door. I look down at my hands and let my hair fall infront of my face, and walk to the empty seat next to Xavier.

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