The Girl With The Octopus Ring

" There is more to me than meets the eye." Bella whispers backing away.
Bella has seen more than most people, but when its time to move again she meets people that might change her family history. She also meets someone that she thought she had lost forever.
Will she find love and keep everything under control, or will she blow her cover and ruien everything her family has done?


2. Music class and Austin Charm

"You must be our new student? Correct?" The teacher ask

" Yes sir." I say turning around to face him.

" Ok,well I'm Mr.Williams. Come to the front of the room please and introduse youself to the class."

I walk back to the ront of the class and turn to face them all.

"Hi. I'm Isabella Grace. You can call me Bella if you want, and I just moved here from Washington." I say looking around the room.

A boy raises his hand and I quickly reply, " No not like Bella Swan, and no I am not dating a vampire, and no I am not a vampire nor do I wish to be one."

" You may take the seat in the back next to Mr. Alexzannder." the teacher tells me

I walk back there and take my seat," Also the class has a project tomorrow and I can asign you a partner if you want or you can just sit this one out." Mr. Williams tells me.

I think about it dor a second the say, " I'm up for the challenge. Who's my partner?"

He points to the kid next to me, but it's not Xavier,"You'll be working with Austin Charm."

Xavier leans over," Austin is the coolest kid in school. But I herd he's a player."

I laughed at Xavier," Don't worry. I won't get attached."

"Ok class you may split up into your groups." Mr.Williams announces

Austin and I get up and meet each other inbetween our desk.

" Come on." he says grabing my hand. When he touched me it sent chills down my spine. Our families have been at each other for years. And over what? I have no clue. I've just been told to never ever speak to them. oh well.

Austin pulls me out into the hall.

" I don't think we can do a duet in one night,but if you choose a song I can learn how to play it in enough time for tomorrow" Austin tells me.

I shrug" Ok. Beautiful by Christina Aguilera."

"Sounds good. Lets go back inside."



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