The Girl With The Octopus Ring

" There is more to me than meets the eye." Bella whispers backing away.
Bella has seen more than most people, but when its time to move again she meets people that might change her family history. She also meets someone that she thought she had lost forever.
Will she find love and keep everything under control, or will she blow her cover and ruien everything her family has done?


5. antique shoppe

The next morning I awake to knocking on door and my phone ringing nonstop. I pick up my phone and answer it while heading down stairs. It's Xavier, wonder what he wants?

"Hey X!" I cherp into the phone

"X?" He replies on the other side not likeing the name

"Ya." I say shrugging


"Haha. Fine. What do you want?"

"Oh ya, so I'm comming around three to pick you up, and you're going to be staying at my place tonight."

"Was that even a question, or do I have to against my will?"

"Against your will! Well, bye Bells!" and with that Xavier hangs up and I reach the front door.

I open the front door to find... Austin!

"Austin! What are you doning here?"

"Oh, I'm sorry did I catch you at the wrong time?" he ask looking me up and down

I look down to see my pajamas. Not very apropriate might I add.  a lace tanktop with shrot shorts that read 'Botty Call' on the butt. I look back up at Austin.

"Um, no just let me change and we can go for a walk. Ok?"

"Sounds great."

I race up stairs and change. I put on a black short sleve T-shirt with red out lining and white jean shorts. Then race down the stairs. I get half way down before I realize that I for got my ring. I never take off my necklace. My mother gave it to me right before she passed. she told me to never lose it, so I took that as never take it off.  This necklace is very old and means alot to my family. I race back up stairs grab my ring then run back. I slide on some flipflops I had by the front door on then steooed out side to be greeted again by Austin. I have to be back my at least 2:30 so I can pack for Xavier's place tonight.

I slide my ring on my middle finger and Austin and I start down the road. The first the three block we walk are silent. I don't live but five blocks from a strip mall, and there is a shop that I visit all the time. I've lived in Massachusetts three times. The store apiered the second time I lived here, but the owned. I knew him before the store opened. I use to often do my homework there. Now Austin and I are only two blocks from the store, can I trust him with knowing the place of my hiding spot? I hope so.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when Austin spoke,"I want to know your secret."

"No you don't."


"Because it's not a burden you should have to carry."

"I don't care. If I can't be with you I'd rather carry your 'burden' too. I want to know your secrect. Maybe it'll help me understand why I cant be with you." he says looking down at the ground

I grab his wrist and pull him to the antique shop," It will explain, but you still won't like it, and you won't like or believe what I am, but I guess you won't rest till you know the truth." I say shoving the door the the shop open.

"Peter!" I call over the front desk

Peter rushes upfront," Oh, Isabella! You're back! I've missed you soo much! It's been so dull with out you!" Peter cries

I giggle and lean across the table,"Do you remember that book on mine and the charm's family history?"

"Oh ya." he say shaking his head. Peter turns to get it, but I grab his shirt. He turns around and looks at me. I glace back at Austin looking at every thing in here. The ring around his neck catches my eye again and I look at Peter.

"I also need the one on the symblos for jewelry for family history as well." I whisper

Peter looks at Austin and noods. Peter heads to the back and I stare at the door that Peter passed through to get the books for me.

"Don't touch anything." I say not looking back at Austin

I hear something clater to the ground, and I turn around.

" Please just sit down in one of the chairs and don't touch anything." I say picking up what Austin nocked over.

Peter comes back in the room and I turn to face him. I take the family history from him and turn to a page. then walk up to Austin, " Read this chapter and You'll not only know my secret, but why I can't be with you."

I walk to the podim that I use to do my homework on and Peter brings me the other book. I open it and start scaning the pages for Austin's ring. Found it! I begin to read what it is.

'This symbol is for the Charm family. It is believed to posses the power of the Charm family. When the person wearing it is soon to die he will the pass it to the first eldest of the next generation.'

I wish I had not have found this. I slam the book shut and look at Peter.

"Keep It. Both of them. Think of it as a welcome back gift." Peter smiles

I look at the time 2:20 shit,"I sorry to rush out but I'll be back soon, but for now I have to go." I say grabing the other book from Austin.

"Ok. Bye Isabella!" Peter calls behind the two of us.

"Wait! I have some questions for you!"

"What?" I say as I speed up my pace so I can make it home in time

"Is that necklace that you're wearing the one your family stole from mine?"

No My family didn't steal it your family only claims it as there's because they are selfish pigs!"No. My mother gave this to me before she passed. So I would aprechiate it if you didn't asume something so quickly."

I reach my front door," I know what you are." Austin says

"I don't care." I say opening the door

"You would if I told every one."

"No one would believe you. They all think its a fairy tale." I say closing the fron t door.

I run up stairs and throw some clothes in a bag not caring what they are, then walk to the bathroom and grab what I will need. I check the time 2:50 time to spare.

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