Just Janother Girl

Just Janother girl is about a average 14 year old girl Lily! she is just like any other girl. she moves to England and leaves her 3 brothers and her two best friends behind in Australia.


1. Lilys time.

Lily's P.O.V:

so today is the day... i need to tell my older brothers and my best friends im moving to England! You Might know my friends and family! My Brothers-Luke,Beau and Jai and my best friends Skip(Daniel) and James A.K.A The janoskians... 

I know i have to tell them, i can't just leave and not tell them. 

we have had so much fun together and ever since that day that mum and dad 'went to a BETTER place' they have been my mum, my dad, my brothers and my friends all in one! its not fair just to leave them! not after all of that.


*flash back*


'wassup Lily'

'can i be in one of your videos this week?' 'dare or dare please? please Beau if you loved me you would'

'of course you can Lil but if you get hurt remember mum isn't here for hugs anymore'

*end of flash back*

now i remember that...the week after mums and dads death i was only 6 that was 15 years ago! 


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