Him and Her

When Mia saw him her world turned upside down.


6. Uniform

Rolling out of bed she does her usual. Teeth, hair and uniform. The school uniform at their school sucked. Black jumpers and black trousers. The only good thing about it was how skinny the trousers were and they allowed nail varnish. The colour today was blue with white clouds on them. Mia had gotten bored the day before and painted them. Shoving on her coat, she put her black bag on and shoved her skateboard under her arm while beggining to jog... She had two minutes spare. Mia finally got to their meeting place. Ryan was already there looking down at his phone. He had no uniform on. As his gaze fluttered up he saw her. A look of sheer amusement passed over his face and he laughed his light cheerful laugh.

"Hello there, good girl! We're skipping classs dumbass! I don't think that unfirm is much of a good idea if you don't wanna get caught." He's still smiling.

"You asshole! You could have mentioned that tiny detail." her face lit up. She was excited to skip. It would be her first time and she would enjoy it. "There's nothing else for it, we're going back to my house. I need to change and pick up some money." Mia adds. "And now, because of YOU, we have to wait for my mum to get out the house which takes her around 10 minutes." She starts laughing as Ryan groans.

"You could have toooold me." He's over exagarating his movement and falls to the floor, slowly starting to roll around. In the distance some faint voices can be heard.

"Shit! That's my mum!" She whispers with an urgencey in her voice. Mia drops to the ground and starts running while she is crouched down behind the old brick wall. "Head for my backgarden." Mia whispers to Ryan as she passes. Immediateley he gets up after her and it feels like they're in an old spy movie. Once they're around the corner she stands up and starts sprinting, hoping she isn't making too much noise. Ryan, now amazed at how fast she can run, starts off after her. In seconds she reaches her garden. He comes up behind her a minute later and falls on the floor out of breath. He knows he's really good at running because he had been told it by every P.E teacher he had had. This amazing girl he had only just met can run sooo much faster than him. And she seems completely fine. It's like she hasn't been running at all.

Gracefully, Mia jumps over the gardens brick wall amused by how much Ryan is out of breath. She struts through the garden overgrown with trees to her back door.

"It's normally open." Mia tells him. She pushed down the handle and the door creaks open. They step into the house. "Unlike some people, I'm not that 'well off'. Wait here! I'll be back in a minute." Sprinting upstairs she slams the door behind her and heads for the wardrobe. She chucks on some black ripped skinnies and a loose grey t-shirt. She takes her brown hair out of the tight ponytail she was wearing, shaking it back and forth so it settles on her shoulders nice and neat. Her hands reach for her butterfly purse while her hands pull at her sleeves. Mia shoves it in her back pocket, grabs her phone and runs out the white bedroom.
Ryan is stretched out over four steps. He doesn't hear her coming. As a joke, she lifts her foot over his head and gentley presses down.

"Oi! That hurt!" Ryan laughs, his eyes sparkling with joy.

"Come on. Let's go! You're sooo sloooow." Mia exxagerates the word slow, smirking as she says it.

" More like you're super quick!" Ryan jokes in reply. He runs his hands through his hair spiking it up. Mia steps over him.


Her cheeks turn bright red as she feels the impact of his hand on her ass. She turns around and smacks him right across the face. He deserved that. She thinks.

As Ryan's cheeks turn bright red, maybe because of the slap or maybe because of his embarassment, he says " Well I'm definetely not doing that again!" despite the awkwardness you can always trust him to figure out what to say.


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