Him and Her

When Mia saw him her world turned upside down.


3. Thunder And Lighting

The day went by quickly with the help of her currentley best friend, Ryan. She didn't see the way he looked at her when she looked at the board to write something down. The look of amazement and longing.

Mia doodled and payed no attention what so ever to the teachers. She was too entertained. The rest of her day was spent joking around with him. Rain droplets poured down the windows and thunder roared above her school. All of a sudden the power went out. School was in total darkness.The lightning scared most people in her class and they ducked down under their desks every time a lightning bolt lit up the dark cloudy sky. She was one of the only people who loved it. She liked thunderstorms, she liked how everything outside was quiet and still except for when the rain hit the roof, and the occasional clap of thunder, making everything shake. It soothed her. The paths of raindrops on the windows were slowing down and as the outside world returned to normal. Ryan, currentley hidden under the desk, grabbed her leg making her laugh.Mia didn't see him, but she saw the white pearl like teeth he had. They were illuminous in the dark. The moment was over and the power went back on. Then the end of school bell rang. Mia slowly stood up and walked out the class. Mia reduced her speed so Ryan could catch up.

Walking out of school, she was enclosed in giant raindrops that fell from the grey sky. Mia loved rain. Her eyes reflected the lightning strikes in her beautiful green eyes. Under her arm was a skateboard she had made in Tec. I tlooked pretty sturdy.  Pushing off, she started rolling down the street to her house. Hearing rolling wheels behind her she looked back. Mia had forgotten he was still there. He had a skateboard too. It was a proper one though, so he easily caught up with her. Abruptly she stopped, and he rolled right past her. Her laugh echoed the empty streets. Ryan, who managed to slow down, lost his balance and fell right into the biggest puddle. Mia ran to him.

"Wow girl. How are you so good at skateboarding?" He said with a suprised look on his face. His eyes were so blue. You could get lost in them just like you could get lost in the ocean.

She laughed and looked him in the eyes.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Mia added ignoring his question.

Mia glanced at his knee. Ouch. It was bloody red. She pulled a piece of scrap material and tissues out of her black bag. She carefully wiped away most of the blood and then wrapped the material around his knee, using it as a bandage. Ryan watched her, fascinated by how much she cared to be careful. Mia looked up at his forehead and saw a cut just above his eyebrow.

"Keep still!" Mia told him. She grabbed his face lightly and started dabbing at the graze. He suddenley jerks his head to the right making her lose balance and fall rifht into the puddle next to him. "And why did you do that can I ask?" Her face is straight but her eyes are laughing. She playfully punches him in the arm.

"Well, I didn't want to ruin your fun, but your concentration was freaking me out." Ryan shrugs and laughs. Her cheeks fill with colour and he stands up. Pulling Mia up is easy and he is already walking away leaving her. Mia runs to catch up again. He laughs. "Come on. I bet you can do better than that - what was that anyway? A jog?" They walk off into the distance together.

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