Him and Her

When Mia saw him her world turned upside down.


7. River

"Where do you want to go?" Mia asks.

"Well, despite my knowledge of this town, I know a place we could go" Ryan winks. Mia shivers at his confidence and oulls down her sleeves again, making sure they don't show her wrists. He twists and turns down roads leading her through thin and wide passages until they reach the woods near the river. Finally, in under 5 minutes even though it felt like an hour, of silence they reach the river. Mia looked up. She was under the Old Bridge. A towering structure make out of bricks made her feel tiny. Ryan was already by the river edge skimming stones on the clear blue water that matched up to his eye colour. It was almost as if he had forgotten she was there, so she decided to make him remember again. Mia ran down the slope and pushed him right into the crystal clear water.

"Wow!" Ryan practically screamed."What did you do that for?" He was completely drenched in the river water.

"It looked like you had forgotten I was there." She smiled saying it innocentley. 

"Help me up please." She knew he was going to pull her into the water, but she didn't resist. Mia stretched her hand down to him. Even before he could grab it, she jumped grabbed her knees and made the biggest splash ever. She was careful at where she aimed. Her sharp eye and aim had got her where she wanted to be. Right next to him. She didn't know if it was possible but he looked even wetter than he did a couple seconds ago. Mia laughed. He splashed her with water. It was on. Water Fight! She tried to dodge the puddles of water that fell over her but it was hopeless so she gave up.

"Truce?" Ryan said inbetween mouthfuls of water. Mia splashes him one more time.

"Truce!" She says, satisfied. She had won anyway. After that they swam out into the deeper water and started diving for pretty stones. Mia found one exactly the colour of Ryans eyes. She his it in her pocket to give to him later. Ryan swam out to the opposite river bank where the sun was shining and picjed a pretty green flower that looked like it changed colours. Green. Blue. Green. Blue. Slowly she casually swims over to him.

"Is that for me?" Mia asks, fluttering her eyebrows at him in a joking way.

"If you insist..." Handing over the flower, she gentley takes it from him.

"It's beautiful." She says, hypnotised by its colours.

"You're more beautiful than any flower I could pick..." before she has a chance to react Ryan swiftly turns his body towards her and delicately tucks her smooth hair behind her ear. He hesitates for a millisecond, but goes for it the next. Mia seemed shocked but then she kissed him back. He tasted of mint and she tasted of morning coffee. Mia slowly pulled away, looking right into his eyes. As the sunlight streamed in through the tree branches, he looked at her. She was peaceful, serene. But inside her heart was pounding so loud even she could here it loudly. Too loud. Hopefully he wouldn't notice. What really got to him, however, were her eyes. Before he met her he didn't think any eyes could be as beautiful as hers were right now. Watching her, the sun shining on her green eyes he noticed that they weren't only one colour. She had a dark green outline that faded at the bottom. This merged into the light green inside with light brown specks randomly dotted  around her pupils. Close to the iris, ocean blue showed up making them look even better than gorgeous. And right there he decided that eye contact was way more intimate then words could ever be. And he hates to say this but her eyes kissed better than anyones lips ever could.

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