Him and Her

When Mia saw him her world turned upside down.


1. Him

Mia ran down the stairs and into the garden. She opened the book she was reading and sat on the bench, the suns rays lighting up her eyes. Before she could even finish the first page a ball flew over her chocolate brown hair. Mia shouted "Hey, watch it!"

Then a handsome boy with pretty sky blue eyes jumped over the brick wall.

He stopped what he was doing and looked at her. Their eyes locked and the boy wandered how anyone could have such pretty green eyes.

"Hi." he said. "Sorry for breaking into your garden. I just need to get my ball." he started to walk towards it, but turned to face her again."What you reading?" curiousity got the better of him.

"It's a book series called Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness by Michelle Paver." she declares, a proud smile on her face.

A suprised expression appeared on his tanned face."I love those books!"

"I know. Who wouldn't? I'm only on the fourth one so I have two more to go." Mia said suprised as well...she hadn't yet come across anyone who knew the series. Except for him.

"I haven't got to the fourth one but I nearly finished the thrid one. Don't spoil any of it for me!" The boy sat down next to her and winked. A wide smile arose to his face, spreading the whole way across his face.

"Are you new here?" She asked confidentley, already liking him because of his knowledge of books.

"Actally yeah. I moved in with my mum and my little brother yesterday." He said looking forward. A sad look crossed his eyes. Her mind was already starting to form a fact file about him. She was wandering what this attractive strangers name was when her mum called her down for tea. Mia shouted down to the house in reply, then glanced in his direction. The sad tinge in his eyes was gone and it was replaced by the beautiful, happy, sky blue eyes.

He stands up, stretching his arms in the process. He's so much taller than Mia. "I'll better be going now. My brothers waiting for me. Until next time yeah? Oh yeah and my names Ryan by the way." Almost as if he read her mind. Ryan. Ryan was a pretty name.

And with that he picked up his football, turned around and jumped over the tall brick wall and started jogging back to his football game. Mia glared at the bench next to her. Ryan's scent still clung in the air where he had sat a couple of minutes ago. He smelt of mint and cologne.

Her new favourite smell.

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