Him and Her

When Mia saw him her world turned upside down.


5. Great

Beep beep!

Mia yawns and stretches her arms out, getting blinded by the morning sun in the process. Her phone vibrates. She checks the time. 8:00?! The schock on her face was priceless. She had never ever woken up this early before. A message pops up on the big screen of her Huawei:

Hey Mia. Wakey wakey little sleeping baby. It's 8! You have ten minutes to meet me ;) See you there.

Ryan :D

She processes the message in her mind. Firstly, how the hell did he get her number. Secondly, she swore he had said 8:30. She started frantically typing back.

Peep peep peep!

How did you get my number you stalker! ;) I swear you said 8:30. I wanna go back to sleep. Please let me sleep. Blue eyesssss. I beg you ;)

Mia :P

She rests her head back on her cushion and closes her eyes. A couple seconds later: Beep beep!

No sleepy. Get up :D I'm not letting you. Oh yeah and I got ur number because I can read ur mind. Jks. I saw you writing it down on your book in Art.

Ryan a.k.a Blue eyes ;)

Mia laughs out loud. She quickly writes a text in reply.

Fine fine. I'll be there in 10 mins. See ya!

Mia a.k.a Sleepy :D

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