Him and Her

When Mia saw him her world turned upside down.


2. Bump

Unfortunately it was Monday again and Monday meant school. Mia started her daily morning routine. Slowly, she dragged herself out of her double bed and shuffled to her bathroom. As if in slow motion, Mia turned on the tap splashing a waterfall of water right into her face. Feeling more awake, Mia brushed her teeth making circles of soapy looking bubbles in her mouth. After doing that she started to blink away the cold water that stung her eyes, gentley reaching for a brush. Luckily her hair never got tangled, so it was an easy job. Mia hurried back into her room swiftly pulling her uniform on. Her eyes scanned the room to find a clock or something that could tell her the time. She immediately regretted it because she saw she was now late. Running down the stairs and out the door, she grabbed her bag on the way out and yelled bye to her mum. She found herself sprinting to school. Just as she entered the bell went signalling first lesson. Smoothing her hair down, she caught her breath back and began walking to her first class avoiding everyone's staring eyes. Suddenely she felt very self conscious with her books in her hands.


Damn. The clumsy part of her had just started to work. Mia's books scattered across the dirty floor. Gathering them, she noticed another two hands helping her.

Her eyes fluttered up. There was her new friend. Ryan. A smile slowly started creeping to her lips.

"We meet again, you're joining this school as well? Please don't tell me I have to put up with you in my classes?" Mia joked smiling.

"I have joined this school. And to answer your question... well it depends. What lesson do you have now?" Ryan winked.

"Well I have Art. What do you have?" by this time all the books were now in his arms. " Can I have my books back too?" She laughed.

"Oooh unlucky. You got me today. I can walk you to our class!" His hair flops over his face, and he starts walking. Astonished Mia freezes for a moment but then runs to catch up with Ryan. They pace down the corridors turning right then left then left. Finally they reach the stuffy room and he gentley passes the books back to her. Their fingers brush agaist each other and they both pull away too quickly. Embarassed they walk in and Mia sits at the back of the room where she's usually alone. Ryan goes up to the teacher (Mr.Frase) to point out he's new.

"Where would you like to sit?" He asks. A warm smile is engraved into his face. Mr.Frase is one of the nice understanding teachers that lets you do pretty much everything. He understands the students.

"Umm..." Ryans eyes flick over to the empty seat next to Mia. Mr Frase instantly notices this little gesture, and a grin appears on his face.

"Why don't you sit next to Mia Cole?" his eyes are filled with aw as he gestures at the seat. "Good luck" Frase says, winking. Ryan laughs. As he is getting closer he keeps his eyes on her and wiggles his eyebrows up and down in a joking way.

"Coincidence or fate?" He exclaims in a serious voice. Mia laughs enjoying his existence.

"We'll have to decide then won't we?" Mia replies seriously. Eventually she breaks down and starts laughing tears forming in her beautiful eyes.

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