Him and Her

When Mia saw him her world turned upside down.


4. Blue Eyes

Ryans arm rolls around her shoulders. She pushes it off with a smirk on her face. Ryan pulls a funny face at her and she sticks her tongue out in reply.They reach their house in under 2 minutes. Mia's green eyes and Ryans blue ones meet.

"So I guess that's it then. First day? I'll see you tommorow. Here 8:30 in the morning, don't be late." and with that he turns and walks away satisfied with his last words.

"Eh eh eh! I'm not a dog! I might not come!" She shouts after him, a smile in her voice. Ryan turns and runs back. He gets right down on his knees and looks up at her with his eyes. Those eyes. Any living human would die to have them.

"Please please please come! I beg you!" His joke seemed to satisfy her and she rolls her eyes. He tries to look even cuter by trying to make puppy dog eyes. He fails.

"Fine fine! But only because you begged me." She winks. Mia turns around quickly enough to disguise the smile that is now plastered on her face and starts to walk away. "Byee, blue eyes!" the nickname slips out her mouth before she can stop it. He laughs. As she's walking away she hears him whisper something under his breath, almost as if it was a secret. Mia holds back the urge to question him about it and she keeps walking.

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