My Terrible yet lovley life

Little Miranda Peters was bullied so much but when she complained to her mum she'd beat her. She has been so scared she uses google and friends to slove her problems. they help a lot. When her mum dies from kidney cancer caused by drinking she has to get adopted.


4. Omg

HOLY MOTHER OF PEARLS ! I woke up to dad shaking me I must've fell asleep somewhere along the way. "MIRANDA WAKE THE BLOODY HELL UP WERE HOME NOW !"  "Jeez dad we cant be home y-" I was about to say yet when  I saw a huge mansion and 5 teens playing in the yard. One had curly hair another had red pants they were lying on the grass. One had on a 'Kiss Me I'm Irish' Jumper on which made me feel at home. He was stuffing his face with pizza. LOL right? One sat in a kiddie pool with floaty's on ! The last one was watching all of them. HAH I thought he looks like Liam Payne . Hehehe Dady Direction! "Miranda  sweetheart go play with the boys!" Dad said as if I were a little kid.As  I walked over the one in the kiddie pool said "LOOK ITS SIMON'S NEW HOT DAUGHTER!" and pointed at me the curly one walked over and said "Ello love im harry." and stared right at me boobs! I quickly did the "Me eyes r up here pal' thing. He chuckled and walked away. I could tell from that moment on I was screwed. "I already know who u guys r so don't bother."  I yelled then walked over and grabbed the pizza from Niall and ate it. He looked up at me and said "Can I  show u ur room  ?" I nodded yes as he took me hand and led me upstairs. I wanted to stay like that foreves.

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