My Terrible yet lovley life

Little Miranda Peters was bullied so much but when she complained to her mum she'd beat her. She has been so scared she uses google and friends to slove her problems. they help a lot. When her mum dies from kidney cancer caused by drinking she has to get adopted.


2. My mothers death

As I walked home to the wicked witch of the west I noticed splattered blood on the window pane.I quickly ran inside to see if anything was hurt. Then I saw a limp dark figure on the couch. As scared as I was I walked over to it.I burst into tears at the sight of my dead mother. "MUM!" I screamed."MUM WAKE THE HELL UP PLEASE!"more tears poured down my face. I am only 19 how in the world could she have died. I thought when I remembered the blood splattered window.I glanced over to she probably had coughed it up.OH wait kidney problems ,my mind yelled. "what?" I said out-loud then face-palmed my self for saying it out-loud. My mum's problems were drinking kidney cancer me complaining me growing me needing food and well just ME. I was abused but the sight of me mum dead killed me.I need her back.

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