My Terrible yet lovley life

Little Miranda Peters was bullied so much but when she complained to her mum she'd beat her. She has been so scared she uses google and friends to slove her problems. they help a lot. When her mum dies from kidney cancer caused by drinking she has to get adopted.


3. My adoption center

"Ello miss what do u need?" some lady at the front desk said."uhh Hi im Miranda Peters and called to get me booked up for adoption?" The lady's eyes lit up "oh Miranda dear yes go find a room!"she said really excited while handing me a pin that said 'ONE DIRECTION TO ADOPTING ME!' I smiled at it cuz One Direction was my favorite band.I had got it specially made for me!I had spent 1 month in this dump I cared for the little kids most of the  time.One day when I was taking care of Little Mikey's wounds I noticed a tall man approaching me.I wasn't used to men or anybody but the children and the ladies who worked here so I quickly  packed up and started for me room.He stood in front of me then said "SHE'S THE ONE!" with a bright smile. Startled I jumped back and almost knocked me head into a pole!I ran up stairs knowing what he meant and grabbed me bags. I said bye hugged and kissed all of those kids.I was really gonna miss them.He adopted me.I was so happy.

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