My Terrible yet lovley life

Little Miranda Peters was bullied so much but when she complained to her mum she'd beat her. She has been so scared she uses google and friends to slove her problems. they help a lot. When her mum dies from kidney cancer caused by drinking she has to get adopted.



As soon as we got there he cornered me. I was terribly scared he stroked me hair and said " Ur mine and will be and if ur not somebodys gon' have a seirous problem." then kissed me. I kissed back, it was me first kiss! he started pushing me towards the bed  I didn't let him  not push me. I was eager to see what would happen next. When I was fully on the bed he started ripping his and me clothes off. He planted kisses all long way down  me body. he looked back up at me to see if I was ready and with that he pushed into me I screamed in pleasure as he thrust in and  out. After about 7 minutes in Niall became tired and lied down next to me body. I quickly through on clothes as I heard footsteps Niall did the same . "Niall why  r u taking so long" Liam complained just as I was buttoning me blouse. He looked at us in horror and walked away shrugging it off. "For a moment I thought we were dead' I exclaimed. He nodded and followed me out to the yard.

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