The Sketchbook

Olivia is an art student and her local college, she lives with her best friend Caitlin in an apartment in a small city in England. One day she's sitting in the park near her local shopping mall and spots a mysterious good looking boy sitting there, she's never seen him around before. And before she realises, she's drawing him, trying not to be obvious. She quickly walks off when he realises what she's doing, she just cant get him out of her mind.


2. College

~ 1 month later, after the summer holidays ~

Zayn's P.O.V 

It's first day of my new college course today and i'm actually quite nervous; what if they're all weirdos or I don't get on with any of the people there, i'll be a complete loner. My best mate Niall is taking a comepletely different course than me, he's doing the typical boy option and doing sports science, and he keeps teasing me saying the course i've taken is too girly. 

I walk into the mostly empty classroom, there's already 4 people in here. There's 2 girls at the front, talking about what they did in the holidays, they look up and giggle when they see me, there's 2 lads on opposite sides of the room, one's on his phone, tapping away at the screen and the other is sat by the window, staring out watching the people walking by. 

The bell goes and I take a seat towards the back of the room. More and more students start filing into the room. I watch them file in an take a seat, then 3 girls walk in the room laughing at what the short brunette in the middle was telling them about. There was another blonde to her left that was slightly taller than her, and a familiar looking blonde to her right.

It's her! The girl from the park last month!

Olivia's P.O.V

Me and my 2 friends walked into the classroom, laughing at what Laura was explaining the incident that happened in the summer holidays at the beach; she was trying to strut her stuff past a group of hot boys, when she suddenly fell on her face due to a hole that someone had dug in the sand.

I scan the room to try and find some seats for us to sit in. My face drops and my cheeks start to burn when I recognise the boy that caught me drawing him in the park, staring at me. I knew he remembered me. I rushed to some empty seats on the other side of the room, my friends following me as I did. I had recently told them about this boy when we were walking to college this morning. My friends saw me blushing and leaned in close.

"He's the guy that caught you drawing him isn't it?" Daisy asked quietly.

I nodded and stole a quick glance over at him. Thankfully he wasn't looking at me when I did.

"I can see why you chose to draw him Liv, he's hot!" Laura says, a bit too loud. He looked over at us, grinned then faced the front again. I smacked Caitlin on arm quite hard. 

"Laura you freaking idiot he heard you!" I whisper yelled to her. She look at me and grinned.

"So?" She said. I rolled my eyes at her and we all started laughing again. Our attention was then turned towards the door as the teacher walked in.

"Morning! Sorry i'm late folks, car troubles. Again." Miss Cooper announced. 

She places her things on her desk, then perches herself on the edge of it. Her eyes scan the room. 

"I see we have a few familiar faces in here this year" she states, "Olivia, Laura, " she says smiling at us. We smile back at her. Miss Cooper really likes us, we're not teacher's pets, we just do our work, and she's always happy with how it turns out.

She looks around again. 

"And i see we have a few new faces here" She says looking at the boy from the park. "What's your name?" she asks, directing her question at him.

"Zayn, Zayn Malik." He replies with a smile. 

"Nice to meet you Zayn" She says. He gives her a brief nod.

"Right class!" she says loudly, clapping her hands. "This term's topic is, drumroll please!" We all drum our hands on the tables till she puts her hands up, silencing us. "Love" she says. The whole class grumbles.

Miss Cooper smiles then explains to us "Hey now! It's not as bad as you think! You can present this piece of work however you want to, photography, painting, drawing, etc. It just has to have something to do with love" She picks up a pile of plain paper and asks someone at the front to hand it out so we can plan what we want to do. 

Zayn's P.O.V 

So the girl from the park is called Olivia. I couldn't see her face properly when i first saw her in the park because she was too far away, but now i realise she's beautiful! I'm snapped out of my thoughs when a sluttly looking girl with jet black hair, and obvious extensions struts over to me. 

"Hey hot stuff" she says to me.

"Hey" I say quickly, looking back down at my work, trying to get on with it. She takes the pencil out of my hand and places it down on the table, then comes down to eye level with me. "Can i help you?" I asked, a bit agitated now. 

"Want to come to a party with me tonight?" She asks, battering her fake eyelashes at me.

"No thanks" I reply. She looks a bit shocked that i rejected her, but she regains herself and tries again.

"Are you su-" she starts but I cut her off.

"Like i said, no thanks" I say bluntly. She quickly flips her hair, turns around moodily storms back over to her table. I hear her mutter to her cheap looking clones,

"I can't believe he rejected me!" she crosses her arms and sends me a dirty look. I just laugh to myself. I hate slutty girls like that, I prefer the more natural girls that don't look like a walking cosmetic shops. Like Olivia, she had little or no make up on, I can't seem to get this girl out of my head. I look over at the clock hanging on the wall. We had about a minute left of the lesson, so i decided to pack up my things. 

Everyone else had the same idea as me and there was a series of chairs scraping across the floor. The bell goes and Miss Cooper walks over to the door pulling it open.

"See you tomorrow guys!" She says, dismissing us. After everyone has left the classroom, I walk out and scan the hallway for Olivia. I finally spot her and start to walk over to her, she has her back to me, but her friends see me and grin at Olivia then whisper something to her, then quickly walk away.

Olivia's P.O.V

"Guys-" I begin, then turn around to find them already halfway down the hallway waving at me and giving me the thumbs up and laughing. I am so getting them back for this. When I turn around again, Zayn is standing right infront of me. I look up at him. 

"Hi" I say shyly. 

"Hey" he replies.

"I can't believe you rejected Jasmine, she practially gets every boy she wants"

"I don't like girls that throw themselves at me" he states. "Oh and by the way, I'm intrigued to see the picture you drew of me at park last month"

I look down at my feet and I can tell my face has gone a deep shade of red. "I- I'm sorry about that, that was really stalkerish of me, it's just i didn't know what else to draw and the angle your head was at was just perfect from where i was sitting, I mean-" I stopped myself from talking, so I didn't embarass myself further. I looked up at him to find he was grinning at me. 

"I like you Olivia. You're..." he thinks for a second. "...Different." He smiles down at me.

"Is that a good thing?" I ask nervously

He nods, then replies "yeah, yeah it is. Do you think we could maybe go grab something to eat tomorrow? You seem like a really cool girl and I wanna get to know you better."

"Erm yeah sure" I find myself saying. 

"Sweet, can I have your number? so I can text you what time to pick you up?"

"Yeah" I say taking my phone out of my pocket, he does the same then we switch phones.

When we both finsish typing our numbers in, we swap back, then he looks at me again, right in the eyes and says "thanks beautiful, text you later."

I stand there and think to myself: 'What the hell just happened?'

--------- Autors Note --------------

So i decided to carry on with it! I know its not very good, but it'll have to do. I know it drags on a bit at the beggining, sorry!

Anyway yeah feedback please? Would mean a lot!:) 

~Laura :)x

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