Lost in Paris

22 year-old Jessica takes a trip to Paris with her best friend 24 year-old Rarity to have the best time of their lives. But, suddenly everything goes wrong when she notices this guy in Paris who was also in her dream. Jessica thinks the unknown man is following her but Rarity doesn't believe so. Then, ALL OF THE LIGHTS GO OFF IN PARIS! Know body knows why, then suddenly Jessica and Rarity gets kidnapped by the mysterious men. What will they do to get away from this masked man? Will they get away? And most of all, who or what is behind the mask?


2. The Dream (continued)

Jessica dozed off almost immediately after her and Rarity's short conversation. It almost seemed like the story continued from where it was abruptly interrupted. The dream seemed so real, as if she could feel the burning heat from the lights trickling down her spine and the pain all over from the glass pieces of the broken lights pierced in her skin. Then Jessica could finally make out what the masked man looked like. He wore black, silky pants with a blue and black skin tight shirt. He was tall, muscular,  and had mix of light and dark shaded hair. Jessica couldn't really tell what the unknown man's face features looked like. It appeared to Jessica that his eyes were a deep blue color. The masked man towered over her then started saying "excuse me ma'am we have landed. Excuse me ma'am you need to wake up we are leaving now." Jessica was very confused, especially because the frightening man was talking in a woman's voice. Then she saw that same splotches of red and realized it was the flight attendant speaking. Jessica was excited to finally be at Paris, but kind of wished the flight was a little longer so she could've found out more of this mysterious masked man, or at least she thought he was a man. 

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