Lost in Paris

22 year-old Jessica takes a trip to Paris with her best friend 24 year-old Rarity to have the best time of their lives. But, suddenly everything goes wrong when she notices this guy in Paris who was also in her dream. Jessica thinks the unknown man is following her but Rarity doesn't believe so. Then, ALL OF THE LIGHTS GO OFF IN PARIS! Know body knows why, then suddenly Jessica and Rarity gets kidnapped by the mysterious men. What will they do to get away from this masked man? Will they get away? And most of all, who or what is behind the mask?


3. Familair "Face"

Rarity was already half way down the isle. "Nice friend" Jessica thought jokingly. Jessica grabbed her bags frantically and slid through the other people to make it to Rarity. "Hey, thanks for leaving me pal." Jessica said sarcastically to Rarity. " That's what friend are for." Rarity shot back. Rarity and Jessica walked out off the plane ,to the airport and then called a cab. Not to mention screaming like crazy about all the fun and new things they were going to do. When the cab dropped them off at the hotel they both gasped in how amazing the hotel looked. Even though the hotel was beautiful, they had no intention to linger around. They checked in, dropped off their bags in their room and practically ran out the doors like little kids. " I already scheduled a tour bus about 10 minutes away by walking," Rarity told Jessica. " Great." Jessica replied. "This is amazing, I mean we're actually here -  in Paris!" Jessica  said almost screaming. Jessica and Rarity waited at the bus stop for a few minutes before the bus came. The bus was double decker, semi fancy , and looked super fun. The two sat down on the second to last row of the bottom part of the double decker. The tour was 3 hours long and definitely not enough time to see everything the two girls thought.  Luckily, Jessica and Rarity were staying for two whole weeks and weren't going to waste a single moment. After about an hour and a half of the tour they noticed a strange man across from them. "I can't believe we didn't even notice him." Rarity whispered. "Noticed who?"  Jessica questioned.  Rartiy nodded slightly across the isle. " Um, i don't know how about the man with the creepy mask " she whispered. Jessica turned to the man and almost fell out of her chair. She quickly turned around making nothing of it. But every now and then she took quick glances trying not to be caught. For the rest of the tour, Jessica tried to focus on the sights and keep it cool.  She decided that she would freak out once they got to the hotel.




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