Lost in Paris

22 year-old Jessica takes a trip to Paris with her best friend 24 year-old Rarity to have the best time of their lives. But, suddenly everything goes wrong when she notices this guy in Paris who was also in her dream. Jessica thinks the unknown man is following her but Rarity doesn't believe so. Then, ALL OF THE LIGHTS GO OFF IN PARIS! Know body knows why, then suddenly Jessica and Rarity gets kidnapped by the mysterious men. What will they do to get away from this masked man? Will they get away? And most of all, who or what is behind the mask?


1. The Dream.

Jessica pressed her hands over her ears tightly. An unknown  screeching noise was coming from the back of the dark room. Suddenly, what seemed like a thousand bright lights shinned right in her eyes. She didn't know what to do, she couldn't think with all the chaos going on. Out of nowhere, a masked man appeared and picked Jessica up and slammed her against the lights . The screeching stopped . There were no more lights and she can vaguely see bright red , she realized it was the flight attendants red uniform. Jessica turns to Rarity " how long till we get to Paris " Jessica asks "six hours " Rarity said gloomily . Jessica sighed, I can't wait to get lost in Paris' beauty. A/N PLZ TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK IN THE COMMENTS THX

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