One Direction imagines

Just imagines


8. Niall 3

You know there is something wrong, but you don’t know what it is.

You are going sick home for work, and you boyfrind Niall is home to take care of you.

But you are still really sick after 3 weeks.

You are going to your docter, after Niall went back to work.

Your docter said that it’s just a bad infuanza.

But after a month you´re still sick.

You’ve never considered you were pregnant, but you buy a pregnantcy test.

When you come home you taking it.


There are leaking a shock through your entire body, it is positive.

You hiding it in the toilet closets, and hope to Niall not find it.

As Niall get home, you are a little strange, you know you are walking around with his child.

He asks you about if there is something is wrong, but you say that everything is normal.

It's late at night and you want to go bed, because the day has been weird.

You lie in bed and asleep almost Niall is in the toilet, all of a sudden he was completely still.

He enters the room with a completely white face.

It was the worst that could happen, he had found pregnancy test.

You are in shock, you sit down in bed, you´re too scared to tell him.

But you have to do it, and then talk about it and it ends up that it brings you closer to each other.

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