One Direction imagines

Just imagines


10. Harry 2

The summer spring was started and before me there was 8 weeks of doing nothing.

I was lazy and didn’t want to do anything. My best friend was just the opposite of me. She was in the mode for fun, trips to the beach and shopping. One day she asked me to go with her to the mall. But lazy as I was, I refused to go. After two hours of pleading and begging I went along.

Best decision ever.

My friend was in the shop trying out the twenty-fifth outfit, while I where sitting in the café and waited for her. Bored out of my mind, I started to check out the people around me and tried to mimic their behaviors.

Little did I note the two guys at the other table, checking out my acting skills, before one of them was laughing out loudly. The other guy got up and made he´s way over to my table.

Asked if he could buy me a cup of coffee? Embarrassed, as I was, I didn’t note him. But then again I thought “why not” it was not like I had anything else to do.

While the guy was standing in line for the coffee, I was checking him out. I almost passed out… OMG it was Harry

Harry Styles was standing in line buying coffee to me.

 The next 8 weeks just raced by. Everyday me and Harry was talking, meeting and spending a lot of time together.

At the end of the summer we promised each other to keep in contact and Harry really came through on his promise.

One month after the school started he sends me tickets to their concert along with airplan tickets for me to Hawaii, where he would meet me.

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