if i could pause the moment.

(made as i come the end of my time at secondary school) When every one is about to go their separate all i want to do is pause the moment. (this will take some time to do and some chapters may take me some time, but this is really a dedication to my friends who have helped me in school)


1. The last bell.

I looked around the classroom for a second, the room was filled with all kind of revision posters and corny motivational art that you would usually see in classrooms. I slowly looked at all the identical desk around me, i laughed to myself thinking about how when i first started here the desks were clean with a glossy wood finish, but now all the desks were covered in little drawings people did. My eyes stopped looking down at the desks as i began to look at the people sitting at them, these were the people who i shared years of my life with. I looked up to see my best friend, Max, slowly walking back. I couldn't get over how happy he seemed as he sat back down in his chair. He confidently threw he papers down on to the desk and looked liked he was about to burst into a song or dance, he was so happy.


"Well you look like you have had some great news?"

A smile slowly formed on Max's face, he kept that smile as he chucked the stack of papers  over to me. He gestured for me the look down and now his smile had become a somewhat cocky one. The paper was what you would expect to see, plain and boring, covered with Maxes hand writing, but one thing that stood out, was the big red ink stamp that simply said "A".


"Nice one mate, well done."


Max slowly took back the paper, but still kept the cocky smile to his face. I couldn't help, but laugh, i've never once seen Max with such a cocky smile before, it felt weird and almost completely unlike Max. I looked back at the clock our classroom had hanging against the wall, ten minutes, ten minutes and that bell would go for the final time. Freedom. That's all i could think about, but all that changed when i looked at the rest of the classmates surrounding me.


The smile on my face, like a leaf, slowly began to fall as i looked at some of my friends, friends who i slowly realised i may never see again.  Darcy was at her desk, finishing her work with ease and opposite her, Shriya and Miruna were casually talking with a smile on both their faces as they got on with what remained of their work. i look behind me to see, Two more of my dear friends, Jordan Murray and Dani Walker, just having a laugh, that really didn't surprise me, but it's what makes them my friends. Suddenly once i turned back to my simple desk, the thought that i may not see them again, came crashing back into my mind.


 Almost as soon as that thought crossed my mind the sound of the bell quickly filled the room and like that the teacher slowly rose from her desk, like a phoenix from the ashes .


"Class, school is over, now go out there and enjoy your lives!"


I looked as my friends quickly ran out of the room, Max, Darcy, Dani, Jordan, Shriya were only a few of the people i saw running out of the class, i could the see the teachers gaze quickly turn back to me. All the other students were bursting out of the classroom faster than Usaine Bolt, but then there was me, savouring every moment and every memory i could of this classroom.


"George are you ok, this is the start of your future."


My head was facing her, but eyes just looked down at the chewing gum covered floor.


"It's also the end of my past."


And with a half hearted smile towards the sympathetic teacher, i left the room and all the memories it held.

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