Camelot is different. Alexia Pendragon, youngest daughter of King Uther Pendragon is locked away in a tower by her power crazed older sister Morgana. Her boyfriend Merlin is put under a spell and her brother older Arthur isn't real. she created a place called paradise but will her paradise rise and conquer or crash and burn, taking everything with it.


5. truth

“She’s in here” Morgana opened the door and led Morgause to the bed where her sister lay dying. Tears welled up in Morgana’s eyes when she saw her little sister so pale she was almost blue in fact her lips were blue. “Please” Morgana pleaded “help her”. Morgause stood over the bed and raised her hands in the air. She mumbled so words that were too jumbled to make any sense. The only words morgana understood where Alexia Pendragon. Morgana watched as her sister went from being blue to pale to almost the colour she was before she was ill. Alexis looked as if she was about to wake up when
“Arrest her!” Uther bust into the room and guards ran past him grabbing hold of Morgause. “She is sentenced to death for the use of magic” the guards started pulling Morgause away but Morgana ran in front of the door.
“Father please!” she shouted “look at Alexis! She helped her!”
“Enough!” Uther yelled “I told you she would have no part in Alexia’s recovery and you disobeyed me!” Morgana was about to say something but Uther cut her off “I have had enough of your behaviour lately young lady I swear I will not stand for it!” Uther waved the guards out and they dragged Morgause with them.
“I will stop this” Morgana hissed walking past Uther to the door but he grabbed her arm to stop her
“I don’t think so” he hissed back. She pulled her arm away and left the room.

Morgana walked to the dungeons hiding a dagger under her clock. She entered the room but was stopped a guard.
“I’m sorry my lady I have been instructed not to let you-” he was interrupted by a dagger to the stomach. The guard collapsed to the ground and Morgana stepped over him
“Morgause?” Morgana whispered walking past some cells.
“Morgana” Morgause spoke up. She was stood at the edge of the cage “I must tell you something” Morgana stood in front of her “I'm not who you think I am, I'm your sister” Morgana gave her a strange look.
“You can’t”
“We have the same mother, she died because Uther killed her and I was told never to return to Camelot but I had to I had to find you” Morgana stared at her for a moment “Uther may be kind to you but he’s a liar, he hates us for having magic”
“But he-”
“No Morgana you have to listen” there was a high pitch scream from around the corner. A maid had come to give food for the prisoners and had found the dead body of the guard. “When I die you must kill Uther then you will be Queen and magic will once again rule over this kingdom” Morgana nodded and Morgause slipped something into her hands “now go!” Morgana didn't have time to look at what it was so she started to run. Now she was scared.

The next day Camelot watched as Morgause was hung and they welcomed back Alexis who had been ill for so long. Morgana sat in her chambers holding the bracelet Morgause had given her. It was silver with gold details and an inscription on the inside. It read to my sister Morgana I will always live on in your rule. Morgana new what this meant, she had to kill Uther.
“Morgana?” a small recovering voice said from the door. Morgana hid the bracelet under her pillow
“Alexis” she smiled as her sister walked in.
“I noticed that you weren't at the hanging” she sat next to her “I thought something might be troubling you”
“Troubling no” she laughed a little “I wasn't there because, well, isn't it hard for you? To watch father kill people who are the same as you” Alexis looked at the floor then shrugged
I'm used to it” Morgana looked in disbelief
“How could you say that?!” she snapped “how could you turn you back on your kind?!”
“Calm down” Alexis tried to calm her sister down.
“How can I calm down?!” Morgana wouldn't believe what she was hearing.
“Fine!” Alexis stood up “you think what you want to think! But I love magic and I always have” she walked towards the door “but some people use it for bad” she left and Morgana felt like screaming.
Alexis walked the halls on the castle wiping tears from her eyes. She and Morgana had never fought like that and she was scared. She was on her way to tell Uther about what happened when she ran into Merlin or at least Merlin ran into her. He was or had been caring dirty washing and he’d dropped it when they made contact.
I'm sorry” Alexis smiled kneeling to the ground and helping him pick it up.
“That’s not your job” he said taking the clothes she was handing him. Alexis crossed her arms
“How did you first meet me?” Merlin thought for a moment
“You were with Gaius” Alexis nodded
“And what was I doing?”
“Learning about being a physician I know, I get it, you’re not an ordinary princess” she smiled
“Never was, never will be” they laughed for a bit then Morgana burst past them and towards the main hall. “Morgana!” Alexis called after her but she ignored her “geez” she sighed “I’ll see you later” she hugged merlin then hurried after her sister.

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