Camelot is different. Alexia Pendragon, youngest daughter of King Uther Pendragon is locked away in a tower by her power crazed older sister Morgana. Her boyfriend Merlin is put under a spell and her brother older Arthur isn't real. she created a place called paradise but will her paradise rise and conquer or crash and burn, taking everything with it.


11. trouble in paradise

Morgana had arranged the burning with some guards, so while they were setting it up she was waiting for Merlin to return with the news that Alexis was drugged. Merlin opened the door to Alexis’ cell bringing the drugged food with him. As he entered she bolted to her feet and to the back of the small room.
“Get away from me!” she yelled flinging her arms in front of her face “I want nothing from you!” Merlin smirked and raised he hands carefully so not to drop the plate
“You haven’t eaten sire” Alexis put her hands down; he sounded like the sweet, caring Merlin that she fell in love with. “It’s bad for you” she stepped forward into the light,
“Merlin?” she said quietly “is that really you?” Merlin nodded and smiled. Alexis’ face light up with joy before she ran towards him and threw her arms around him “I was so afraid” tears fell down her face.
“It’s OK  he pushed her away slightly “now eat” he offered her the plate but she hesitated, “I took it from Morgana’s chambers” he whispered placing it into her hands “now eat”. Alexis picked up a piece of cheese on the plate and ate it before she scoffed the whole lot. It felt so good to eat again for the first time. Merlin took the empty plate off her and put it on the floor near the door and as he turned back to face her, she fell into his arms unconscious.

“Come on!” Alexis dragged Merlin though the halls of the castle,
“Are you sure you want to do this?” he said stopping her for a few minutes.
“Of course, and if father doesn't like it, tough” she said smiling. Merlin smiled back before she yanked him forward and ran pulling him behind her. Alexis burst into the throne room where Uther, Morgana, Arthur, Gwen and other members of the court were told to meet.
“Alexia what is the meaning of this?” Uther said standing
“I…” Alexis held merlin’s hand and pulled him closer to her “we wanted to tell you something” she smiled. Arthur flashed a smile to his sister, he was proud of her she had the guts to do something he never could. Stand up to Uther Pendragon.
“Are you telling me that you and Arthur’s manservant are a couple?”

Merlin carried the unconscious princess to the court yard were the guards had finished setting up the podium Alexis would be burnt on. The guards took her and tied her to the podium which would soon be her grave. The guards looked up to the royal balcony were they saw Morgana and Merlin stood proudly wherein their crowns.
“This girl” Morgana spoke up getting the attention of the crowed, “Alexia Pendragon, has been sentence to death for treason” Morgana raised her hand and dropped it signalling for the guards to set the podium on fire and they did.

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