Camelot is different. Alexia Pendragon, youngest daughter of King Uther Pendragon is locked away in a tower by her power crazed older sister Morgana. Her boyfriend Merlin is put under a spell and her brother older Arthur isn't real. she created a place called paradise but will her paradise rise and conquer or crash and burn, taking everything with it.


6. the king is dead

Uther was sat on the throne reading a scroll he had been sent by a neighbouring kingdom when Morgana burst through the doors. He looked up
“I taught you better than that!” he said putting the scroll down.
“I don’t care about anything you taught me!” she hissed standing in the middle of the room. Uther stood
“What right have you to talk to me like that?!”
“Every, I'm your daughter!” she snapped “though I wish I wasn't ” Uther’s eyes widened with shock. He was about to say something when she interrupted “and guess what?! I have magic!” Uther walked towards her
“You stop this lying and go to your chambers!” he shouted pointing at the door but Morgana wouldn't move.
“And so does Alexis!” Morgana screamed
“Morgana!” Alexis stood in front of the doors to the hall with her hands in tight fists. Morgana smirked
“What are you going to do? Hit me?” Morgana teased walking towards the younger girl “you couldn't if you tried”
“Stop this now!” Uther shouted
“Stay out of this old man!” Morgana screamed turning quickly to face him and in one swift movement raised her right hand and muttered a spell under her breath. Uther was sent flying backwards into a wall, his crown fell to the floor and his skull cracked. He lay to the ground, blood seeping onto the floor.
“Father!” Alexis ran to her father and knelt down next to him. His eyelids fluttered, Alexis looked up at Morgana “get Gaius!” Morgana didn't move “now Morgana please!” she still didn't move. Tears fell down Alexis’s face; she got up and ran to the door. She ran fast through the castle knowing her father’s life was at stake “help!” she burst into the physicians chambers “help me please!” Gaius came out of a room at the back followed by Merlin
“What is it?” Gaius asked
“My father, you have to help him please!” Merlin walked forward and put his hand on her shoulder
“Calm down and what’s happened?” he said. Alexis was about to answer when two guards burst into the room.
“Gaius, Morgana has asked for you immediately” one of them said. Gaius nodded then him, Merlin and Alexis went after him.
Morgana was sat at her father’s side with his head on her lap she had a tears rolling down her cheek. They walked in and Alexis didn't like what she saw.
“Oh Gaius please help” Morgana said her voice breaking
“Get away from him!” Alexis yelled running towards Morgana. Morgana stood up “this is your fault!” Alexis shouted “you did this!” while the girls were shouting at each other Gaius and Merlin had gone over to check on Uther but he was dead.

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