Camelot is different. Alexia Pendragon, youngest daughter of King Uther Pendragon is locked away in a tower by her power crazed older sister Morgana. Her boyfriend Merlin is put under a spell and her brother older Arthur isn't real. she created a place called paradise but will her paradise rise and conquer or crash and burn, taking everything with it.


3. royalty

“He’s the most handsome boy I've ever seen!” Alexis sat on Morgana's bed as her older sister picked out a dress for the banquet that night. Morgana laughed slightly and smiled
“So he might be but he’s a servant, father would never agree” Alexis sighed and looked to the floor then shot her head back up
“But he doesn't know I'm a princess!” 
“He will tonight” Morgana turned round holding a dress up to show her but noticed she wasn't looking. She knelt down in front of her little sister “hey it’s OK  I won’t tell if you don’t” Alexis smiled “now does this look right for the kings daughter?” Morgana smiled showing the dress.

That night at the banquet Merlin and Gaius were helping serve food to the guests when the room was called silent and Morgana and her Father walked in. Alexis was of course running fashionably late. Morgana looked around for the boy her sister had been talking about and it didn't take long before she clapped eyes on the scarfed boy. Her sister was right he was quite good looking and she could see him and her little sister getting together. Merlin looked around for the blond girl he met earlier but she was nowhere to be seen, he was quite disappointed.
After a few minutes of the chattering and servants running around getting food to everyone the room fell silent as the king stood and prepared to speak.
“Ladies and gentleman, as you can see we are on short of this banquet tonight and you all know why” it was true they did all know, Alexis was always late whether it was her choice or her maid was just very slow. “But the wait is over” Uther smiled “Ladies and gentleman, my youngest daughter Alexia” the doors opened and Alexis stepped through them. She was wherein a light blue dress that had a silver band around the middle, the rime and the neck line and had a silver snow flake on her forehead. That was always one of her tricks. She walked through the hall her golden hair cascading down her back. Merlin’s jaw dropped for the second time that day, he had just fallen in love with a princess. Alexis sat down next to her father and smiled. She looked around the room to see if merlin was there and was pleased to see him so close to the royal table.
As the night drew to a close and guests began to leave Merlin found this the perfect time to get close to Alexis. Uther stood at the doors greeting people as they left, with Alexis and Morgana on either side of him.
“You look beautiful” Merlin said from behind Alexis’s head. She turned her head quickly to see who was there and was relieved to see Merlin and not one of the knights her father was trying to set her up with.
“Oh, Merlin” she put her hand on her chest “you scared me” she smiled.
I'm sorry my lady” he bowed slightly and Alexis looked confused
“Why are you?” before she finished Merlin shifted his eyes to Uther and she looked at him. He was looking down at her with a raised eyebrow
“Oh, um, father this is Merlin he’s um new in Camelot” Merlin didn't know what to say so he settled for sire
“Sire” he bowed again. Uther chuckled and turned to say goodbye to another leaving guest
“Well, he likes you” Alexis smiled. Merlin looked at her then they laughed quietly so not to go noticed. They talked for a while before Uther told Alexis and Morgana to go to bed. As Alexis went past she left a note in Merlin’s pocket telling him to leave and meet her in the court yard. While Gaius and Uther talked about royal stuff Merlin slipped out and made his way to meet the princess.
Merlin ran through the halls and burst through the main doors with excitement but his excitement soon disappeared when she saw Alexis. She was sat on the bottom step and had her head in her hands. What was wrong? She seemed so full of joy at the banquet merlin thought. He felt so helpless, Merlin sat next her and she rose her head. Her skin was pale and her once bright eyes were grey with tears streaming out of them. She couldn't even look at Merlin before her tears started again and she covered her face. Merlin put his arm around her and she looked up at him. He looked into her faded eyes and smiled.
Morgana was walking the halls to find Alexis as she had gone into her chambers to find her but she wasn't there. Morgana looked at all the places she could have been and began to panic. Her sister was missing! Morgana thought for a moment do I tell father? She thought but then it hit her she hadn't looked outside! Alexis loved the outside how could she have been so stupid?!
Alexis smiled at Merlin he understood.
“I um come here sometimes” she said looking to the floor “mostly to cry”
“But why?” Merlin said louder then he wanted to “You have the perfect life” Alexis laughed
“My mother died when I was born, I have magic and I live in a kingdom where magic is banned!” she cried. Merlin was wrong she didn't have the perfect life in fact she probably had the worst.

"why does everyone call you Alexia when you call yourself Alexis?" Alexis shifted slightly

"my mother wanted to call me Alexis but father said it wasn't royal enough so i call myself Alexis in memory of my mother" Merlin sat there to take it all in but his thoughts her interrupted “Merlin?” she asked quietly “do you like me?” Merlin smiled
“Of course I do, in fact I think you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen” Alexis smiled. When leant in close and kiss here but little did they know as their lips touched Morgana opened the door and watched as her little sister had finally found love.

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