Camelot is different. Alexia Pendragon, youngest daughter of King Uther Pendragon is locked away in a tower by her power crazed older sister Morgana. Her boyfriend Merlin is put under a spell and her brother older Arthur isn't real. she created a place called paradise but will her paradise rise and conquer or crash and burn, taking everything with it.


7. it's not good for you

Uther was buried deep inside the castle and it wasn't long before Morgana was crowned as queen of Camelot. Alexis had locked herself in her room and only given Merlin a key to get in, he and Gaius were the only people she know trusted. Every breakfast, lunch and dinner Merlin or Gaius would bring food for her so she wouldn't go hungry.
“You can’t keep yourself locked up like this, it’s not good for you” Merlin tried to tell her. Alexis was sat on the floor in the corner of her chambers staring at the floor,
“My sister murdered our father and was still given the crown” she looked up at Merlin with tears in her eyes “I’ll never see him again”
“I know how that feels” Merlin sat down next to her “now come on, please just come outside” Alexis smiled as Merlin helped her up when suddenly her chamber door was kicked in and Morgana with six guards burst in.
“Arrest her!” Morgana screeched and two of the knights came forward and took hold of Alexis’s arms.
“Morgana!? I haven’t done anything!” Alexis tried to wiggle free but the guards were too strong.
“You tried to poison me!”
“I did no such thing! Since father died I've been locked in here!”
“It’s true!” Merlin exclaimed from behind them “I've been bringing her food to keep her alive” Alexis looked at Merlin and smiled while mouthing the words ‘thank you’.
“Lies!” Morgana shouted “lock her up and don’t let her go!” Alexis struggled as the guards pulled her out of her chambers and towards the dungeon.
“Merlin!” she screamed as he ran after her. He ran in front of her to stop the guards
“I just want to talk to her” he said calmly. The guard nodded and stepped back still holding Alexis’s arms.
“Merlin I'm scared” she cried as a single tear rolled down her cheek. Merlin cupped her face in his hand
“You’re going to be fine I promise, I’ll save you” they smiled but the guard pushed Alexis forward
“Alright that’s enough!” he pulled her away from Merlin and down the hall.
“I will save you!” Merlin shouted as Alexis was pulled out of view.
“Merlin” Morgana said from behind him “can I talk to you?”
“Yes my lady”
“In my chambers” she turned and walked away and Merlin followed.
Morgana stood in front of the fire place in her chambers as Merlin walked in and closed the door behind him.
“Drink?” she offered him a glass of red wine knowing full well she had put something in it.
“I can’t” Merlin declined the offer.
“You can’t refuse me, I am your queen” she offered the glass once more and this time merlin took it. “Cheers” Morgana smiled taking a sip of her wine, Merlin smiled slightly and drunk the whole glass just to make Morgana happy. Merlin put the glass on the table and held his head
“I don’t feel too good” he moaned sitting down next to his glass. Morgana smirked and sat next to him
“Oh, poor baby” she mocked him
I'm serious” he tried to stand “I have to see Gaius” Morgana pulled him back down and the next thing he knew he was unconscious.

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