Camelot is different. Alexia Pendragon, youngest daughter of King Uther Pendragon is locked away in a tower by her power crazed older sister Morgana. Her boyfriend Merlin is put under a spell and her brother older Arthur isn't real. she created a place called paradise but will her paradise rise and conquer or crash and burn, taking everything with it.


4. help her

A few months later and Merlin and Alexis had been dating for a while now but the one who knew about them being together was Morgana and she just found it romantic. When one night Alexis fell ill and everyone in the kingdom panicked, fearing for the life of the princess.

“She can’t die Gaius” Uther said. He was sat next to her bed holding her hand and almost in tears. Gaius stood on the opposite side of the bed, Merlin behind him,

“She’s gravely ill sire and I fear that’s all I can do for her” Merlin looked to the floor trying to hide his tears.
“No” Uther stood “we must use” he walked over to Gaius and whispered in his ear “sorcery”
“Sorcery!” he exclaimed “but sire it’s outlawed by you!” Uther sat down next to Alexis again and held her hand
“If it saves my daughter I don’t care”.
Morgana was outside the chambers and herd all that her father had said. It made her furious how could he do that outlaw sorcery then use it whenever he wanted to then outlaw it again.
“Morgana calm down” Uther stood walking away from Alexis’s bedside
“CALM DOWN YOU TAUGHT ME TO FEAR MAGIC MY WHOLE LIFE AND NOW YOU WANT ME TO TRUST IT!?” she could feel the anger growing inside her, she wanted to use her magic to show him that his own daughter had it. It would have crushed him.
“Morgana I think you better leave” Gaius put his hand on her shoulder “it’s not good for Alexia” Morgana looked at her sister, she was panting hard like she was scared, like she had heard all that had just happened. Morgana nodded then looked at Uther
“This isn't over” she hissed.
“It’s over when I say it’s over and I say it’s OVER!” Uther shouted at her as Merlin led Morgana out of the room.
“I know it’s hard” he said trying to comfort her
“NO, YOU DON’T” she yelled walking away
“REALLY!?” he shouted after her “I LOVE YOUR SISTER MORE THEN YOU CAN IMAGEN AND IF SHE DIED” he cut out and looked at the floor “I already lost my father and I couldn't  can’t bear to lose her too” it looked too painful to say but Morgana new he meant every word. She nodded then turned and walked away. Her sister was going to die and she couldn't do anything about it.
It had almost been a week since Alexis had grown ill and there was no hope even Merlin had used his magic but it had no effect. Morgana was walking the streets while passers-by wished Alexis good health but she know there was nothing anyone could do for her sister. Till one day there was a visitor in Camelot who had heard about Alexis’s illness and thought maybe she could help.
“Excuse me” a long blond haired woman wherein a beautiful blue dress “are you the lady Morgana?” Morgana looked at the woman and nodded
“Yes why?” the woman smiled
“My name is Morgause and I may have a cure for your sister’s illness.” Morgana looked at the woman with excitement
“You think you can help her?” Morgause nodded. Morgana’s heart skipped a beat she took hold of Morgause’s hand “then come we must tell my father”. Morgana ran to the castle with Morgause close behind and when she got to the throne room she felt like she was going to explode.
“Morgana!” Uther stood as his daughter smashed through the doors interrupting an important council meeting.
“Father” she said breathlessly “this woman says she can cure Alexis!” Uther walked towards Morgause with a weird look on his face
“What has she told you exactly?” he stood in front of Morgause and looked her up and down.
“She told me that she has a cure!” Morgana said “father you’re wasting time!”
“Silence!” Uther yelled looking at Morgana. He looked at Morgause again “you look familiar”
“I have that type of face” she smirked
“Speak your name” he said holding his head high
“Morgause” the woman said “my name is Morgause”. Uther looked at this woman in horror then turned away
“She will not help my daughter” he said making his way to his seat.
“But father she’ll die!” Morgana said in despair
“But nothing I refuse!” his voice boomed though the room. Morgana began to cry harder then she had before
“I HATE YOU!” she yelled before running away down the halls. Morgause followed with speed and soon caught her up. She was sat on the floor in the corner of her room tears making a trail as they rolled of her cheeks. Morgause sat next her and she lifted her head “I don’t care what Uther says” Morgause listened with interest “you’ll help her anyway” Morgana stood “please”. Morgause sat there for a moment then stood and nodded.

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