hey movellians, so this is a movella where i can interveiw movella celebrities or movellians:) so please comment below if you want to be interveiwed and answer the questions i am about to show you:
why did you join movellas?
how did you find movellas?
whos your favourite author?
whats your favourote type of book?
why do you love reading?
why do you love writing?
please answer those questions and post the answers below so i can then post it in my first chapter:) i will update at anytime i can and i will be sure to add ALL of your intervewis. thanks:) GET ANSWERING!:D


3. interveiws!


Allana in wonderlands interveiw!

(Why did you join movellas?)

i just love reading and writing and i also love helping people improve!

(how did you find movellas?)

i just knew someone that was on here and i really like the feel and the format.

(who is your favourite author?)

i love Rachel Caine, J.K Rowling, Suzanne Collins and Jaquline Wilson!

(whats your favourite kind of book?)


(why do you love reading?)

because i feel like i can loose myself and become someone else, be in a world where i can forget all my woes and worries because i am not me when i read or write. 

(why do you love writing?)

the same reason- i can pour my heart out and get someone to fill my shoes. 


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