hey movellians, so this is a movella where i can interveiw movella celebrities or movellians:) so please comment below if you want to be interveiwed and answer the questions i am about to show you:
why did you join movellas?
how did you find movellas?
whos your favourite author?
whats your favourote type of book?
why do you love reading?
why do you love writing?
please answer those questions and post the answers below so i can then post it in my first chapter:) i will update at anytime i can and i will be sure to add ALL of your intervewis. thanks:) GET ANSWERING!:D


2. Interveiws!

The Book Nooks interview!

 Why did you join Movellas?

I was on ML (Miss Literati), and on the popular list was a book of rec emended websites. The person who described made then sound lame, until I came to the last chapter! The chapter was Movellas, she made it sound the best by far! I decided to check in out, I loved it and I joined!   

how did You find Movellas? 

Like I said in the question above, I found on a book on ML!  

Who's your favourite author?

Well I have so many! Every author just has a little charm in their book, even those books I don't really enjoy! I would have to say Suzanne Collins for huge originality, and Rick Riodran for turning something most people would find boring, into a humorous adventure!  

What's your favourite kind of book?

Well I really love sci-fi! I also love adventure, and horror. I really hate romance, because it's always the same thing, it always does one of a few overused story lines! Sometimes I read sci-fi mixed in with romance, like Need. The Hunger Games is another example. 

  Why do you love reading?

 Why? Reading is like my escape from reality. I can slip into an adventure, while everyone else just does.........well stuff. My teacher said we read because we like to see how people face their problems, and that makes a lot of sense because I just love the book's adventure to the solution of the story!  

Why do you love writing?

 I love writing because I can show people how I feel about things, or what I see. I can tell them what goes through my mind a lot. I like it because when I get an idea, I don't have to keep it to my self, I can show it to someone else!  


cecestyles<3 interveiw!

(why did you join movellas?)

i joined movellas because i wanted people to read my stories and i also wanted to read others!

(how did you find movellas?)

i found movellas on my app store, i downloaded it to see what it was like!

(who's your favourite author?)

i cant choose! there are loads of authors i love!

(whats your favourite kind of book?)

my favourites would have to be fantasy and one direction fan fics.

(why do you love reading?)

reading gives me ideas, it makes me think and makes me imagine great things! i really just love reading!

(why do you love writing?)

i like to write because it lets me speak my mind, i am very imaginative, i love to write down my dreams and thoughts and and it gives me a peace of mind and voices!


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