The Miserable Life

A girl named Rilen Winter lived with her step dad. She was 8 when her parents got shoot by Rollie smith the music producer in Orlando Florida. When she's 15 she runs away and goes to England!


2. The miserable life is here

Rilens p.o.v)  I'm now 15 and I'm leaving for London tonight I cant stand what im going through with living in my foster dads house he takes drugs and drinks A LOT!!!! Ive been saving up for this the airplane ride the hotel and other fun stuff I have about 70,000 dollars from doing 17 chores each day and some extra chores. Me and my foster dad Harold went to bed at 6:58 pm and 3 hours and 47 minutes I woke up from my nap I made sure Harold was still in bed sure enough he was!! I took my 70,000 dollars and left for the ride to the airport. About 22 minutes later I was already at the airport waiting for them to scan my card so I could get all the way to London before Harold finds out! I finally got my card scanned and I'm on my way to London! Suddenly I jumped up because of the stupid speaker (it was right next to my ear) I mean who would put a speaker right next to a persons ear!!!!!!!!!!!!! A familiar voice was on the ear drum breaking product It was a girl it was my best friend back at home Bailey!

Speaker:" Alright every body we're taking of in two minutes."

Two minutes! I didn't even put my gum in my mouth or I didn't even get one of those Mountain Dews up at the Entrance! (Two minutes later)

Speaker: "Ok every body we will be landing in London in 24 hours."

Everybody groaned this old lady was being annoying screaming at the guy in front of her trying to tell him to turn down his music this 4 year old baby was crying like constantly and this 6 year old boy was running to the bathroom every 16,000 times a minute to puke. So I was getting tired watching this drama so I rested my head and before I knew it I was sound asleep.       

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