The Miserable Life

A girl named Rilen Winter lived with her step dad. She was 8 when her parents got shoot by Rollie smith the music producer in Orlando Florida. When she's 15 she runs away and goes to England!


1. The day it all begins

"Rilen!"my dad yelled 

"Yea daddy?"i yelled back.

 "Me and your mother are going to the park to meet up with some friends. You stay here ok?"

"ok dad!"

 as they were walking across the street to the park a car came out of no where and hit the head and and sped off down the road. a few people saw what happened and ran over calling 911. Rilen heard the sirens and peeked out the window. She kept whispering to herself don't turn left, don't turn left, please please please don't turn left! But sure enough they turned left Rilen grabbed her shoes put her book she was reading away and slammed the door shut but when she got their it was to late her parents were loaded into the ambulence.

when rilen arrivedd at the hospital the doctor had said they had past away on the ride to the hospital. 

A/N  Alright guys and girls I really need your opinion on my first short chapter Im working on my next chapter but I really need to know your opinon on it.  

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