The Miserable Life

A girl named Rilen Winter lived with her step dad. She was 8 when her parents got shoot by Rollie smith the music producer in Orlando Florida. When she's 15 she runs away and goes to England!


3. Landing in London

Speaker:" Alright everybody we just landed in London please exit to your right."

Rilens p.o.v) I jumped up  and dashed for the door I couldn't wait to meet new  friends. The first thing I had to do was find a small flat to to live in. so I want to the Cheshire park and started looking on my laptop to see what I could find. The first flat that I looked for was the most disgusting flat on the planet it had worms in the beds, crayfish in the bath tub, and most disgusting rats in the lobby. It was so grosse! The next flat I found was over in the area of the park I was at. I looked at the picture and looked around me to see if I  could find it, sure enough I did! I saw the sign near a small porch that said: OPEN HOUSE TODAY. I quickly signed in to make sure they knew I was coming. After that I logged off and put my lab top in my suitcase I grabbed my purse and walked over to the flat that I have wanted. Owners: Hello everyone today you will be seeing a flat that has two bedrooms and one bathroom it is very nice flat.   Not  big but a very nice place.  So first I will be showing the kitchen this kitchen has granite counter tops a diswasher and to use this sink you must clap twice the fridge has some what of a stinky smell during the summer, fall and spring. Trust me its not going to be that bad. Alright everyone lets head over to the living room! This living room has tile floors as you can see and a built in flat screen TV so you wont have to worry about buying or bringing in your own. (Rilens p.o.v) He showed us the rest of the flat and it was pretty nice. Anyway I told the guy give me a call if I get the place he said alright. I spent the whole two nights living in a box had hotdogs for a substitute to all my meals and felt crapie finally the guys wife called and told me I got the flat and said it was about 12,000 dollars as you probably know I took it.    

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