The unforgettable memories

A teenage girl, almost a woman, is found in the woods without her memories. She can't even remember her own name.
The man who found her is a knight. He decides to bring her back to the castle were he serves. She gets to live with the sweet and helpful family Magellan and after a day or two names herself Elia.
She becomes a servant of the royal family and ends up falling in love with the young prins, who may also have feelings for her too.


1. Chapter one

”Miss? Are you alright?” A deep and calm voice said. “Are you hurt?” The voice came closer and suddenly two fingers lay on my neck. I sat up in a second. “Wow, easy there!” He said and grabbed my shoulders. My head hurt and I certainly had a headache. It was like my head was spinning. Besides that my leg hurt like hell.  I wonder what had happened to me.

The man who sat right next to me was tall, black and had broad shoulders. His eyes were brown and he had no hair on his head. He gave away a little smile and then said; “Are you alright?” But I wasn’t exactly sure about that. I couldn’t remember anything. It was like my memory was blocked.

“Yeah I think so... But, what happened to me?” I shook my head and my hands went up to it. “Where am I?” I was scared and confused. I looked around but it was dark and the only thing I could see was trees. I was apparently in the woods for some reason.

The man held his hands on my cheeks and tried to calm me down. “I don’t know what happened to you, but you’re safe now.” And then he lifted me up in his arms and walk away with me. And the last thing I could remember before I passed away again was the black tattoo on his right shoulder which looked like a small bird.

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