Pyre has been haunted by nightmares of seeing herself die as someone else for a while. And it seems they're getting worse than ever before. Pyre tries to find answers, and finds she's being stalked by something dark at night. And they want her dead, but for what reason?


4. Whispers

It's getting harder, every time. I can never find anything in this book that will help me. I sighed and groaned looking. And there it goes again. Turning to the next chapter, I found something on demon rising from Hell. The picture showed swarms of them forcing out through the crack in the ground. You could see the fire and brimstone underground where a lava river trailed out from the cracks. I wonder how demons escape Hell like that.

I turned the next page. It read about a Satanic ritual to bring Hell on Earth. And in the next picture, a cloaked man in black held a book with his arm raised, calling out for them to rise. And in front of him, there's a crack in the ground with demons crawling out. I thought to myself that it seemed strange. Why would anyone summon demons?

Closing the book, something flew out onto the floor. I picked it up, it was just an old photograph, a row of people standing. I looked closer, what is that, the shadow behind them? Maybe it's just nothing, but I have to be sure. I could ask someone to blow this up for me, who do I know that does photography?

Isabel looked at the photo, "Hmm... why do you want a blow up for?" She asked, "History assignment," I replied, "I need to have a blow up of this peculiar shadow behind them." She sighed, "Well alright."

She did everything she could to bring the picture up. I walked in the room when she was done, "Here." She gave me the prints. I looked through them, "This is great Isabel, thanks!" She looked down at the one I looked at, "What is it anyway?" She asked. I wasn't even sure myself, "Something I have yet to figure out."

Taking the prints home, I flipped through all the different ones she blew up. The shadow doesn't seem to be that of a human, I don't think. It has eyes, bright eyes. The old photograph is all in black and white, it's hard to tell.

Wait... one of the people are wearing something, a long necklace. Looking closer, I saw it was an inverted pentacle. These people were devil worshippers?

The lamp flickered, and a wind howled through the windows. Whispers of many surrounded the room. I stood and looked around. A shadow passed through the walls, as the sound of creaking and banging got my heart thumping. The whispers grew louder, and the shadow got freakier.

I covered my ears and squeezed my eyes shut onto my knees. The whispering continued louder, and louder, until they finally stopped. The wind, the creaks, the banging, all of it, stopped.

Opening my eyes again, everything was as exactly how it were. I looked down at the prints, big words in red were smudged over them;


Her heart thumped even more in shock, she gasped and stepped back in a panic. She looked back and found the words disappeared. She pilled up the prints and shoved them in the drawer, jumping onto her bed , turn out the light, and pull the covers over her head. She quivered, never feeling so frightened in her life.

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