Pyre has been haunted by nightmares of seeing herself die as someone else for a while. And it seems they're getting worse than ever before. Pyre tries to find answers, and finds she's being stalked by something dark at night. And they want her dead, but for what reason?


2. Paranoid

I couldn't get over what's happening. This dream always ended the same way. Running out into the forest, being killed by a shadow with glowing red eyes, and waking up feeling the burning pain in my chest like I'm on fire. The article said it all. My dream is real. But why am I dreaming of someone who already died centuries ago?

Lily showed me a picture in a library book of people in history. It's the same woman I've dreamt, Ruby Bloodstone. She's standing in a photographed painting holding a beautiful sword up in both hands. I looked closer, and then felt a shock run through my body. There it is, the necklace I drew before, she's wearing it!

Pointing to it, I asked, "Is there anything on this pendant she's wearing?" She looked down at it, and then looked at the next page. Her finger scanned through the words looking. Until she found it, she read aloud, "The bloodstone pendant, has been worn in her family for generations." This didn't feel right. I looked over and read through. The bloodstone pendant is believed to be a source of power. But it doesn't say what kind of source. I feel I'm left clueless.

Ruby was Countess of Wisteria. She kept a sword which also been in her family for generations. I don't see why I'm linked to her. Except we look almost alike. Maybe she's my ancestor? I don't know how it can be when she was the only one left in her family. Could've there been a mystery baby we don't know about?

This is killing me. There's nothing else about her in this book besides what the painting is of and what's it about and who painted it - wait...

I looked into who the painter was. Fredrick Walter. Lily looked at me wondering why I looked so shocked and surprised. The note from the dream, Fredrick Walter...

Looking to Lily, I said, "We sure got some homework to do." She groaned quietly and mumbled, "Homework..." She closed the book shut.

In the computer lab, I searched for Fredrick Walter. While Lily paced the room. I don't know how I'm supposed to find the right person. Maybe I'll get lucky?

It's tough trying to look for someone when many have the same name. I typed in Wisteria next to his name wondering if I'll find him this way. I scrolled through pages looking. Until it came to the point where I was about to give up, I found it.

Clicking into the webpage, I saw an old black and white photograph. There he is. Fredrick Walter. The photo's kind of hard to see. But I can see his features, just. And the strange thing is... he looks almost like...

My body shook a little, and my heart pumped. Lily looked over and asked, "What's wrong?" I pointed to the screen, "Does he look like somebody we know?" She looked closely and said, "Oh my god... do you think he's related to Fredrick?" I just realized they have the same last name. I forgot...

Maybe they are related. They look the same, and bare the same name, so they have to be. It'd be real stupid to look into his family history. Snooping about like that seems almost... weird.

A soccer ball hit me in the head during P.E. I fell over with a grunt. The teacher stopped everything and hurried to my side, "Are you all right Pyre?" I sat back feeling my head, "Yeah. I think so. My head hurts a lot though." She patted my back and helped me up, "Go to Sick Bay and put some ice on that. Do you need someone to go with you?" I shook my head slightly as I left, "No." She nodded stepping back, "All right."

I came in and asked for a packet of ice. The lady gave me one from the freezer and then got me to lie down with it on my forehead where I held it. I heard a flush and saw someone leave the staff toilet. It was Fredrick. He took a glimpse at me as he left out the door. I'm not sure what his problem is. He seems to give me this look like he dislikes me or something.

After returning to P.E from the clinic, I saw him again. And he's been placed on my team. The whistle blew and the kids kicked the ball around. A whisper came into my ear, "Close your eyes and feel it come before you kick." I looked behind me. No one was there. It couldn't be Fredrick, he stood too far back to be able to whisper in my ear. But it sounded like his voice.

The ball kicked closer toward my direction, and then I closed my eyes. I listened. The ball kicked over. And then... my leg flung. I heard everyone say, "Whoa!" I opened my eyes again and saw the ball fly high into the air. And then land right into the goal.

Everyone's amazed at me. I didn't know what I was doing. It just happened. My heart thumped as I too, felt surprised. The teacher clapped, "Whoa, Pyre. Well done! How did you do that?" I shrugged, I didn't even know, myself.

As we sat for a break, I looked at Fredrick. He sat further down from us, looking down. What was that, that just happened? How did I kick a ball so high to get it into the goal? I looked down questioning. What's going on with me?

When I got home, my phone bleeped with a message from Vanessa asking me if I wanted to go out tonight. I thought about it. It's Friday. So why not?

I wore my black cocktail dress with my black stiletto boots and dark make-up. Vanessa pulled up in the driveway with Lily in the backseat. I went in and put my seatbelt on before we left.

We arrived at the party. Few were outside drinking soda from plastic cups. Lily went right ahead inside the house. While Vanessa and I stayed out. She poured orange soda into a cup for me and her.

Breathing from the cool fresh air. Wishing to live a day like this without thinking about anything else. I know it's not possible for me. I can never feel normal. Ever.

I spend everyday of my life feeling like... something else. I'm not sure how or why. I've always felt that way. Like I don't fit in here. I know that sounds cliché, but it's true. I'm paranoid something bad is going to happen. I feel it. And everyday it gets stronger. I don't know how. But I know it's something big. And I'm afraid.

Vanessa and Lily, they don't know about it. Neither do my parents. Having the same dream is one thing. But now I'm starting to think I'm getting too paranoid about it. Which is why I feel this way. Like something's going to come along and put an end to me.

I should just relax and forget about it. But I can't. The feeling's pressuring me. I need to get out of here. I need space. Some time by myself. Vanessa understands.

Walking down to the tree across the house, I stood there staring up at the sky. Clouds parted revealing a full moon. I smiled for just a moment. 

A voice behind startled me, "Beautiful isn't it?" I turned to the shadow walking out from behind the tree. The moonlight revealed his face. He looked from the moon down to me. I stepped back. He looked familiar. I don't know where I've seen him. He stepped closer, "You're scared."

I shivered. He gave me an unnerved feeling like I should run back. There's something not right about this stranger. He reached his hand out to me and introduced himself, "Drake."

I kept my distance, unsure if I should shake hands with him or not. He expected me to. And then he dropped his hand, "I understand if you're not comfortable with me, Pyre." How did he know my name?

I stepped further away. My heart thumped. Something is defiantly not right. He sighed, "Pyre, my dear, you don't need to back away from me. I mean you no harm. I promise." Where have I heard that before?

He went toward me. I still feel like I can't trust him. He reached for my hand and held it tight as he whispered my name. I closed my eyes looking away. His voice changed dark, "Look at me." I can't, I'm too afraid of what I might see. He held me close and turned my head to face him, "Look at me Pyre..." his voice soothed through my ears.

My eyes fluttered open. Looking back into his, they glowed bright orange. I breathed slowly. Darkness lifted us off the ground. And then... I awoke to the sound of footsteps. I still faced the moon like it never happened. 

I blinked and looked around. Did I dream it? Vanessa called to me from behind, and then I turned to her, "Pyre, come on! We're going now." I sighed, "Ok."

We returned to the car and drove home. On the way, I kept thinking about what happened back there. Was it real, or was it just all in my head? Am I going crazy? I couldn't get my mind wrapped up in all this. I need a rest.

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