Pyre has been haunted by nightmares of seeing herself die as someone else for a while. And it seems they're getting worse than ever before. Pyre tries to find answers, and finds she's being stalked by something dark at night. And they want her dead, but for what reason?


1. Nightmares


It happened again. The nightmares keep coming back. Every time, I see myself die. But I’m not me, I’m somebody else. A young beautiful woman with amber red hair, grey eyes and fair skin, I see dying again and again. The dream replays like a bad memory when I sleep. I can’t seem to focus during class; I can’t stop thinking about it. Does this mean something? Is someone going to die? I carry the burden as it never wants to leave me; it’s always coming back when I try to be rid of it.

It haunts me, every day and night. Negative thoughts float around my mind. I feel anxious. And I try to leave all this behind and start anew. I want feel great and not worry anymore. I was on the school bus that day with my best friend sitting beside me. Lily was her name. I stared out the window watching the trees pass by.

Lily turned her head seeing how tired and miserable I am. I barely slept as I'm afraid to dream again. She even tried to cheer me up, “Pyre, knock, knock.” I turned my head to her and asked, “Who’s there?” She smiled and said, “Naked.” A smile began to merge on my face as I asked, “Naked who?”  She answered, “Naked Eye.” I giggled thinking how ridiculous that joke is. And she laughed as well.

The bus came to a corner and finally arrived at the school. The doors opened and everyone got off. I walked with Lily to the shade shelter and sat on the seats there. “The thing I hate about this school is when the bell goes for class. Boring.” She sighed. “Lily, class isn’t all that bad.” She looked up at me, “It must be just my classes then.” Another friend of ours spotted us. She came hurrying over to sit down near me. “Hey!” She greeted. Lily put her hands on the table, “Vanessa, did you have to?” She looked to her confused and asked, “What?” Lily sighed, “Never mind.”

Vanessa turned to me, “Pyre, did you hear? There’s going to be a new guy in our class!” Vanessa and I are in the same class together, we do English first period. “What’s so great about having a new guy in our class? They’re pretty much all the same.” Her jaw dropped, “Pyre, how could you say that?” I looked to her, “Because it is. No one has ever sparked my interest.” Lily rested a hand on the side of her head, “Well, aren’t you a basket of joy.” She said sarcastically.

Vanessa was shocked with me, “What is wrong with you? You never had a crush on anyone your whole life?” I sighed out of boredom. “Are your hormones even working!?” She wailed her arms in the air. “Vanessa! This is her private life; you don’t need to know all the details.” Lily snapped. “Wow, sorry. I was getting ahead of myself again wasn’t I?” I nodded agreeing, “Yes, you were.” She remained quiet for now.

“Vanessa, what is the name of this, “New guy,” anyway?” Lily asked interested. She looked to her, “I think it started with an F? I don’t remember his name exactly. But I do know he’s new in town. People say he’s mysterious and is always sitting alone. No one ever approaches him.” I looked back up at her wondering, “Why is that?” She looked back at me, “I don’t know, but they say he gives you this creepy stare. Maybe it’s some kind of vibe that keeps people away. But I do know he’s darkly attractive.” Loner, creepy, mysterious, darkly attractive, what else?

Lily looked over at me, “Hey, you ok?” She asked concerned. I shook my head out of thought and looked back at her, “Yeah, sorry.” I cleared my throat. Vanessa smiled, “Looks like you are interested. Mysterious guys attract you.” I shoved her and said without caring, “Nice.”

The bell went for class, “Oh goodie, my time in hell,” Lily sighed. “You’ll survive,” I said. “I hope so,” she replied. “Ok, see you later Lily, we got some English to attend to.” Vanessa stood up with her bag she put around her shoulder. I grabbed mine and put it on waving, “Bye Lily.” And then we walked our separate ways.

English isn't much exciting as I thought. There was a sudden knock on the door. I felt it coming; I knew someone was there. I don’t know how, but I just did. Our teacher Mr. Wayne came to the door and opened it. I don't really care who is there, I just want to get my work done off the board.

A boy entered the classroom. He's the new guy. Fredrick introduced himself, and sat down a few seats across from me. He has brown chopped messy hair, jasper eyes, and tan skin. “Hey, that new guy Fredrick is staring at you.” Vanessa whispered. I felt a churn happening in my stomach; why would he be looking at me? I looked to him by the corner of my eye. Oh my god, he is staring.

I turned to Vanessa and whispered, “Why would he be looking at me?” She shrugged, “I have no idea. Maybe he likes you?” I doubted that. Looking back at the board and continued to write down notes, I tried to ignore his staring, hoping he'd look away. And when he did. I looked back to him to see what he's doing. He is just writing notes from the board like everyone else. I turned back to the notes in my book and squeezed the pen in my hand.

With no control, my hand began to press the pen on the blank page beside the notes I have written down. I drew a medium sized circle with another outlining. My hand moved to the centre and did a small one. I drew two lines on both sides in the middle of the circle and another up and down it. In the centre, I drew a smaller circle around the ends of the lines. I shaded the circle on one end in red pen. Above the larger circle I put a round top with a wavy line of a chain around connecting it up to the round top like it was a necklace.

I wrote symbols around inside the outline of the circle. The symbols were like lines in different ways. I couldn’t help myself; I didn’t know what I was doing. It's just an image that popped into my head I just needed to draw. It's in my nightmares where I have seen this. The symbols were in a language I never heard of. But for some reason I could read it. “The key to protect them is one to stand against the shadows. Let the light lead your way through the darkness out into the sun.” Fredrick shot a look at me like he was listening.

The bell rang; it's time for period two. Vanessa and I put our books and pencil cases away in our bags. We tucked in our chairs prepared to leave. Fredrick got up and put his stuff away like he's in a hurry. Vanessa tried to zip up her bag. I watched him hurry putting in his books. I put my bag over my shoulder waiting for Vanessa. The class already left out the door. We headed downstairs to our next class.

I kept having this feeling we're being followed. I turned my head only to see Fredrick trying to catch up behind us. Vanessa turned her eyes to me, “What are you looking at?” I turned my head back at her as she saw him follow. “You like him, don’t you?” She teased. “No, it’s just... I have this bad feeling.” I said in a low voice. She pointed her thumb behind her, “About him?” She asked concerned. “I don’t know,” I shook my head slightly. Fredrick continued to follow us to class where he still sat near me.

When it was lunch I couldn’t help to think about what was going on. Lily clicked her fingers in front of my face, “Hey!” She whispered. I shook out of it. “Is something on your mind?” She asked. “She’s thinking about the new guy, Fredrick.” Vanessa teased. “No I’m not,” I groaned. “Fredrick? It’s been long since I heard that name.” Lily thought. Vanessa looked to her and asked, “Is it because it’s like, totally old?” Lily sighed as she looked down at her orange juice box she held, “Yeah, maybe.” She took a sip from it looking back at her.

“Fred’s a creep; he kept staring at me when I wasn’t looking. And something strange happened too. I drew this...pendant with a red stone sitting in the middle of it in my book. I put these weird symbols written around it too. But for some reason...I could read it. And when I read it in a whisper, he stared at me like he heard it before.” Lily and Vanessa stared in surprise, “Wow. That’s... tragic.” Lily sucked on the straw of her juice box. “Maybe he’s...linked to it somehow?” Vanessa guessed. “Yeah, could be. But it’s not just that. I never told you guys about this before, I have these...dreams, nightmares...”-Lily and Vanessa leaned to listen-“I have been having them since I could remember. They’ve been the same dream I have had every night, I seem not to dream about anything else.”

Lily’s expression turned to worry, “What is it you dream about?” She reached for my hand on the table. “...I see myself die,” I choked. “What?” Vanessa frowned with worry. “Every dream, I’m this woman that looks almost like me but older. I die... every time. I try to change to another corner, but it always turns out bad.” Vanessa and Lily just stared at me with worried looks on their faces. “Maybe it means something.” Lily thought. “Yeah, it could, unless... it could probably mean you’re going to... die.” Vanessa bit her bottom lip thinking she shouldn’t have said that. I tried not to show any fear of it. “You mean, later in life when I’m older I will..?” Vanessa didn’t want to say anymore, she didn’t want to scare me further.

Lily continued to speak with no worry at all, “What do you see in your dream? How do you die?” I sighed and tried to think. My memory was a bit cloudy; I only remember some basic details of my vivid dream. “I... I can’t seem to remember what, but all I remember that it’s dark.” Lily put everything aside and focused on me, “Ok, when you dream again, make sure you write it down or draw it, whatever. Like keep a diary nearby or something." I nodded, "Ok. That might be useful. Thanks Lily!" I patted her back with a quick hug, "I just remembered, I gotta get my lunch order!" She smiled as I hurried away, "Aren't I all full of ideas?" Vanessa slightly shook her head, "Not all the time."

I came around to the canteen and almost hit into someone. My heart gave a panic just now, "Oh sorry!" He walked by like nothing happened. He just gave a look at me, like it means trouble. Fredrick's got something strange about him. I just know it.

That night, I struggled to sleep. The woman stared into the mirror sitting above the desk. Her red hair, curled beautifully. Her skin's fair, just like mine. Her eyes are the same aqua blue. She wore a red corset dress and the golden pendant with the red stone in the centre; it looked like the one I drew before. The symbols are carved around it too. The mirror's got a golden detailed boarder, it looked expensive.

Standing up from the golden chair and turned her head to look around the room, there's a bed with dark red curtains you could see through. The sheets are blood red and the pillows were too. Some of them are black. She pulled it open to find a sheet of folded paper and opened to read it. It wasn’t so difficult to read but I knew what the words were:

Dear Ruby,

as you may come to know your life is at great risk.

Must you hide the pendant before they come for you, it is not safe. Daemons are after you Ruby.

You must make haste. Seek Fredrick Walter; he lives far from here in Wisteria. He will help you.

Now go before it’s too late.


Ruby... is that her? She folded the letter and held onto it, needing to escape. Opening the door and stepped out, she walked down, and then stopped to go downstairs. They weren’t so high, but I began to feel a chill every time she drew closer. She searched the dark room and felt the end table for matches. Flicking one to light the candle to the old lamp, she held it up and walked around. Coming to the double doors, she turned the knob.

The door was quite heavy, but she was able to manage. She peeked outside with the lamp. It’s cold outside, around night time. She sees the full moon above. It’s bright. She looked around and heard something move in the distance. There’s something there moving in the dark. It’s further away. And I can’t see what it is. The bushes rustled in the howling wind. My heart began to race. A shadow's moving. There’s a shadow coming towards her. I have a feeling its bad. I’m scared, I can’t... She dropped the lamp and turned to run. I cried. She ran into the dark forest. The shadow's catching up behind. She's screaming that anyone could hear her. My eyes shot open. I put a hand on my chest as I rested my forehead on the end table in tears.

"The shadow wasn’t human. It pressed its hand against my chest. I could feel the burning pain. It was like my heart was on fire. Like heartburn. I saw his eyes... his glowing red eyes watching me die." Lily and Vanessa looked at each other and then back at me, “You were killed by...a supernatural being?” Vanessa questioned. “I guess...” I swallowed. “These dreams seem dangerous; maybe you should see a doctor.” Lily suggested. “You really think?” I choked. “Yeah, you defiantly should. Ask your parents about it, maybe they can help.” She shrugged. “Alright, I will when I get home.”

I got home, but didn't think to tell my parents about it. Not yet. I went on the laptop to do some research to see if the dream is true. I know it's crazy to look up something you saw, heard, or read in a dream unless it was a vision. I got on the Yahoo! Search engine and typed the name: Fredrick Walter. And clicked the curser on Search. There are different people with the name and some only had the last name or first name. I clicked back to the Yahoo! Search bar and retyped again. This time I put in: Wisteria. I never heard of such a place. I didn’t think there was. I pay attention in Geography, and they never mentioned Wisteria. All there is on the web is the Wisteria flower.

I got bummed and went back to the search bar. What is there to look for? Was it a secret place out of this world? But the one thing I did look up is what was in the letter I read, Daemons. I clicked into a website and found out that daemon is another word for demon. The hairs at the back of my neck stood up. Why were demons after Ruby? I sat back on the chair. In the letter it said for her to hide the pendant. Was it that they were after?

I clicked back to the search bar again and typed in, demon pendant. It found nothing. I tried again, Ruby demons and pendant. It did found something, just people either named Ruby or the stone. And there were also demon sites and such. It's nothing to relate what I want. I tried again, Fredrick Walter living in Wisteria. I scrolled the page to find a website that has something to do with the place. When I got there, I could hear the pulse pump in my ears when I read the link headline: Many die in Wisteria fire. I clicked into it straight away and read the article.

Countess Ruby Bloodstone dies from heartburn. She was found in the Wisteria forest. A letter in her hand, signed by an old family friend Jacob. He was warning her to hide the Bloodstone pendant and seek help. Daemons were mentioned in the letter. Could have this caused her death? Many died from the Wisteria fire, and there were no survivors found.

I wanted to investigate further, but that was the only article. The screen started to flicker. I tapped the top of the computer to get it to stop. But then the screen switched off. I cursed under my breath and tried to turn it back on by pressing the screen button twice. It still wasn’t working. I got frustrated. Almost giving up, I looked around the sides to check. I pressed the power button down to turn off the computer and waited a while before turning it back on. The screen starts back up like nothing happened. It's fixed into white noise. I sighed and tapped the top of the computer again, annoyed in a growl.

Looking back at the screen as it switched, a screeching sound pierced my hearing. I covered my ears from the irritating sound. And then it stopped. When I looked at the screen, I thought I saw eyes looking right at me. My heart thumped again and fell back. What the heck am I seeing!? The eyes disappeared in a flash. I blinked, "Whoa..." Was I seeing things?

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