Pyre has been haunted by nightmares of seeing herself die as someone else for a while. And it seems they're getting worse than ever before. Pyre tries to find answers, and finds she's being stalked by something dark at night. And they want her dead, but for what reason?


3. Darkness

The dark voice whispered, "Look at me... look at me!" My eyes flipped open in a gasp. I don't know what happened that night. Who I saw. What I saw. My head spins. It's Saturday morning. Time to get up.

I stared into the mirror, as my reflection stared back. The room grew dark. Dim lighting peered from my side. I turned my head and saw the flame flicker on the torch hanging against the stone wall. Next, I heard a door unlock and shaft open. Down the stairway, a person's shadow followed up.

Turning away in panic, I saw Ruby rise from her bed. She held tight to the pendant of her necklace. The stone, so red like a ruby, but darker. I turned back to the stairway where he stood, with orange glowing eyes. Who is this man?

Before I could even find out, the room grew bright again. And the dim light faded with it. The man returned to my reflection. My heart thumped, and my breathing heavied as I blinked confused. That was strange...

There's an unsolved mystery. A mystery that's been haunting me to figure out. I want to know why I hold these memories of someone else. What is it they want me to know, to find out? What's the darkness hidden beneath it all? Are daemons real, or is it just a myth?

I walked into the local library getting my hands on anything to do with the history of Ruby Bloodstone, or daemons for that matter. There are hardly any books on either of the two.

No books say much about her. All they have is that she was a countess, the only one left in her family. And that she died after fleeing from the castle, into the forest. There's no mention of anything... supernatural. Like a belief of some sort. I'm left stranded, clueless. There's nothing else about her. Nothing at all. What's the point?

I sighed staring down at the book in front of me. I'm just about to give up. Moving my hand, I knocked a book off the desk. I picked it back up off the floor and looked down at the title; 'Devil's Wrath'.

Looking through the pages, seeing old drawings of demons rise from Hell. The lighting in the library dimmed down. A cold chill entered the room. I shivered. It's happening again.

A candlelight flickered and blew out by the wind. Ruby wrote in her diary. But since the light went out, she felt a chill rise up her skin. Something dark was there. I felt it too.

She locked her diary and hid it in the desk drawer. A cold whisper lifted me in goose-bumps. She stood from her chair and faced whatever's there. Eyes of an orange glow stared back, "Ruby my dear, we must leave now." He spoke in concern.

Ruby held tight to her pendant, "Is the carriage ready?" He folded his hands and gave a nod, "Yes, my lady." She reached for the sword by her desk and turned back to him, "All right."

They walked down the stairway. I followed. The carriage waited for them outside. Ruby climbed in first as the man held the door open for her. I watched as the black horse trotted away by pull of the reigns. The carriage left through the path into the forest.

The entire scene faded back to the library. I found myself just standing there. The librarian asked if I need anything. I blinked and shook my head slightly, "Oh sorry."

Feeling the book in my hand, I held it up on the counter, "I just want to borrow this book." He took my library card and scanned it, and then the book.

I walked back home and sat at my desk. Looking for anything there is to know of what I'm going through. There wasn't much information. I'm not sure if any of it's helping me figure this out. But let's hope I find something on it, at least.

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