What Just Happened?

Hi I'm Katie but I go with the name Kate. I live with my 3 best friends. I practically live with 6 others as well, the worst is the extra 6 are the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction, and their drummer, Josh. Did I mention that I hate One Direction, I always have, even before I met them. I'm a bit of a tomboy but I'm slowly turning into more of a girl though. My life changed when I met 4/5 of One Direction and Josh, I already knew the other one though, only before he was famous. Now I have 3/5 of One Direction and Josh chasing after me, oh god.


4. Staying For The Day - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

All of us are gonna take a cab except for Niall, Harry, Louis and worst ME. Jake, and Joy are in the same cab while Justin and Carlos take the other. "Why do you HAVE to kidnap me" I whine "Its not kidnapping its surprise taking" Harry explained. I just sighed at what he said. This is gonna be a long ride...


Kate's P.O.V.

I can't stand silence. Good thing I can say anything in any situation, yeah be jealous, I have a talent :P. "Turn on the music" I commanded and they followed. 

"He was a skater boy,
she said see you later boy
he wasn’t good enough for her
she had a pretty face" I sang with the music

"Ew. I hate this song" Niall complained and he changed the channel.

I will drive past your house
And if the lights are all out
I’ll see who’s around

"CHANGE THE CHANNEL BEFORE I DIE" I screamed at Louis. "So you hate One Direction" Louis told me "Well is it obvious" I said sarcastically. "What kind of girl are you" Harry reacted to what I said "You know me" I replied confidently. "CHANGE IT ALREADY" I yelled at them again with that they changed the channel back to Avril's song. 

"Lets play truth or dare" Louis suggested at first I don't agree but I have nothing to do, right? "Harry truth or dare?" Louis suddenly asks "Truth obviously I cant do anything while driving"  Harry told Lou but still keeping his eyes on the road. "How did you and Kate met?" Louis asked Harry. 


 "But why" I complained "It's just the neighbor, be nice, they'll need friends in the neighborhood, and there's a boy your age." My mom sighed putting her hands up, I sighed and followed my mom to our new neighbors' house. My mom knocked on the door while I struggled holding the pie she made for them. It's so hard to carry cause it's sooo big. "um... Hi?" the boy that opened the door said. "Mom can you take this. It's so heavy" I said giving the pie to my mom. "Hi, I'm Kate" I said holding my hand out for a shake, and he shook it. Me, my mom and my sister came in the house. Wow they have a huge house. "I'm Gemma, this is my mom Anne and this is my brother Harry."  a brunette girl said. "Okay." I said to her in a bored manner and with that my sister, Yuni, shoved me. "Ow!" I said while rubbing my arm "Would you like some pie?" My mom asked with joy as she hands out the pie. We sit down on the sofa and my mom kept talking to Anne non-stop. "Hey Harry" I stated "What?" He replied with pie on his face. I burst out laughing when I saw it. "Keep quiet"  my mom told me "Can I just go home?" I asked. "Sure, you'll just ruin the house or something when you stay here" Yuni  told me "Yeah, what she said" I pleaded. My mom agreed. "I'm out!" I screamed when I got out of the house "You know how to play soccer?" Harry asked while spinning the soccer ball but failed, I giggled a little. "Hell Yeah" I replied.

*Flashback Over*

"... and we played some soccer" Harry finished of. "Niall truth or dare?" Harry asked after he finished telling the story. "Dare" Niall answered automatically "I dare you to tell Kate to date me!" Harry screamed. "WHAT?!" Niall and I said in sync. "It's a dare right?" Harry smirked Niall sighed. "Kate can you date my friend Hazz?" Niall asked shyly. Is he taking this seriously? "Ok, but you'll regret this" I told Harry. The plan is I'm going to prank Harry while on a date. "Kate truth or dare?" Niall asked me too quickly. "Dare. DUH" I replied "I dare you to kick Harry while his driving" He dared me. "Good one Horan" I commented. I kicked Harry's hands while driving and went back to sitting position. "OW" Harry screamed. "at least the car didn't move or anything" I told them "Louis?" I asked. "Dare" He smirked "I dare you to kiss Harry on the lips while his driving" I dared him. "Why do you guys want to distract the driver?" Harry said while Louis puts his lips against Harry. GROSS. He really did it. "Ew. You really did it" I said grossed out. Then the car stopped. "We're here" Harry announced as I ran up to the flat and opened the door. Justin and the others are already there.

"'sup" I told them and I sat at the bean bag next to Carlos. "Lets have a movie marathon" I suggested they all agreed. "Lets watch 'Fast and Furious' " Niall yelled "NO! We're watching 'The Cabin in the Woods' " I confirmed  "Lets vote" I added. "Who votes for Fast and Furious?" Niall asked everybody. Joy, Harry, Carlos and Niall raised their hands. "What a tie?!" Niall yelled across the room. I put the CD in the player and started the movie, 'Paranormal Activity' of course. "WHAT?!" Niall complained "It's my house" I laughed. He pouted.

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