What Just Happened?

Hi I'm Katie but I go with the name Kate. I live with my 3 best friends. I practically live with 6 others as well, the worst is the extra 6 are the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction, and their drummer, Josh. Did I mention that I hate One Direction, I always have, even before I met them. I'm a bit of a tomboy but I'm slowly turning into more of a girl though. My life changed when I met 4/5 of One Direction and Josh, I already knew the other one though, only before he was famous. Now I have 3/5 of One Direction and Josh chasing after me, oh god.


8. Laser Tag - Chapter 8

Chapter 8

"Shut up. They might think were doing something here" Josh told me with that I kept on moaning. "What's happening here!" Liam yelled as he entered the room with the others following him. "I'm eating heaven. Why, what do you think we were doing?" I smiled at them and their faces turned red Josh and I laughed at them as we go back to the living room. 




Kate's P.O.V.


"Do you losers have something fun to play with?" I asked, I'm so bored even though I'm just here for 15 minutes, why did I say that? "How about lets go out to play laser tag?" Liam answered first "Do you know how to play it?" he added "I played it! It was my favorite game in high school" I replied smiling at him. 




"Let's split up, Liam, Zayn, Tommo your with me at the blue team. Horan, Josh and Styles you're at the red team. Agree?" I told them and they all agree.I picked up my card and slid it to the computer. A pop up comes up, it tells me to put a player name. I picked 'Chocolate' as my player name. Don't judge me, I just LOVE chocolate. Liam picked 'The Paynator', Louis picked 'Sassy Lou', Zayn picked 'Zaynster', Harry picked 'Hazza Cats', Josh picked 'The Drummer' and Niall picked 'The Food Lover'. God, these guys suck at names.

We slip the vests on. Mine is bulky and blue just like Liam's, Zayn's, and Louis'. The targets were on the back, the shoulders and the stomach. We scan the cards with our guns and our names popped out. "Players, get ready the game will start at 5 minutes" the lady with a microphone said. We entered the room that looks like a maze. "Find your hiding places, players. When you hear a bell the game has started" A lady said through the speakers. "Let's split up. Don't you follow me" I told Liam, Zayn and Louis "Well duh" Lou replied.

I started running into the maze to find a place to hide. Where.... I keep thinking until I bumped into someone and both of us fell to the ground. "Oh! Sorry." I said standing up and helping him stand up. "Kate?" Josh said "Josh?" I said in the same time as he said my name. I rolled my eyes and ran behind a wall, I can see the reflection from the walls so I can easily tell if someones coming. "The game will start in... 5, 4, 3, 2... 1!" a lady said through the speaker with that my gun lit up. "I guess it's time to shoot" I murmured to myself.




I took of my vest and came outside to see my kidnappers. "There's the 'Chocolate' " Josh teased "Shut up 'The Drummer' " I teased back. "Blue Team won!" I shot my hand up in the air and Josh stick his tongue out at me, of course I did it back, I don't lose to losers like him. "You two look cute" Liam told us and we both looked at him like his crazy. "Stare at me all you want. I know I'm hot" Liam raised his hands on his head. "Hey what time is it?" Louis asked me "I'M NOT YOUR CLOCK!" I screamed at his face. I don't get told by an annoying pop star. 

"Lets eat. I'm hungry" Niall whined while rubbing his tummy "Yeah me too" Josh cried. "I see how your related" I laughed and looked at the clock on my phone. "Shit" I cursed "What is it?" Harry asked automatically. Like he really cares. "It's your fault! We have exams today and you really HAVE to kidnap me!" I shouted at Niall accusing him. "Lets just go back home. I already missed the exams" 

Me, Harry, Louis, and worst of all Josh are in the same car. "Why do I have to hang out with people I CAN'T stand. Are you torturing me?" I said in a bored manner "I would like to torture you but that would be animal abuse" Josh laughed. "Your gonna take me home, right?" I asked Harry, the one driving the car. "No" Lou and Harry said in unison "I'm gonna stay at your place, right?" I added and they nod except for 'The Drummer'.  I turned the music on.

They don’t know about the things we do
They don’t know about the “I love you”’s
But I bet you if they only knew (they don’t know)
They would just be jealous of us,
They don’t know about the up all nights

"CHANGE IT!!!" I shouted at Lou he flinched and changed it. "You hate 1D?" Josh asked me "Obviously" is my response. 

I wanna smash your fears
And get drunken off your tears
Don’t you share your smile with anyone else but me
I wanna touch your heart
I wanna crash it in my hands
Make you plead and cry as you give up all the lies

"Josh truth? or dare?" Louis suddenly asked. Why does he like that game? Or he just does that when his bored. I may never know. "Dare. I guess" Josh scratched the back of his head "I dare you to kick Harry's seat while his driving" Lou dared Josh and he did as told. "Could you stop it" Harry complained "Harry truth or dare?" Josh asked. "Truth I can't do anything while driving" Harry said in a 'duh' tone "Did you and 'Chocolate', here really dated?" Josh asked "NO!!!" Harry screamed faster than expected...



Anyone please comment what you think cause I think it's not that great :(


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