What Just Happened?

Hi I'm Katie but I go with the name Kate. I live with my 3 best friends. I practically live with 6 others as well, the worst is the extra 6 are the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction, and their drummer, Josh. Did I mention that I hate One Direction, I always have, even before I met them. I'm a bit of a tomboy but I'm slowly turning into more of a girl though. My life changed when I met 4/5 of One Direction and Josh, I already knew the other one though, only before he was famous. Now I have 3/5 of One Direction and Josh chasing after me, oh god.


2. Getting Started - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

We went to Starbucks and ordered some coffee. When we got out of Starbucks camera's flashes. "Niall who is she?" "Is she your girlfriend?" "Are you two dating?" "When did you guys started dating?"...


Kate's P.O.V


The papz keep asking questions. Oh god I can't take this anymore. "SHUT UP!!!" I finally screamed "just because you saw a girl with Horan here, doesn't mean we're dating" I added gesturing to Niall when I said Horan. After a solid 15 seconds of silence they started asking again.


I ran into an ice cream parlor or something, just to avoid those creeps. "Hey. Who are you running away from?" I heard a familiar voice said. I turned around and saw my only girl best friend, Joy leaning into a table. "erm... a boy named Niall and other creeps" I said leaning next to her. "YOU MEAN NIALL HORAN!!!" Joy squealed, I know she likes One Direction but why scream at my ear really? :/ "Yeah. So? And why scream at my ear bitch" I said in 'whatever' kind of tone. "He's apart of the biggest boy band ever. Why do yo-.... oh yeah I forgot you hate them. Sorry" she said scratching the back of her head.


"What time is it?" I asked "let me look" she answered looking at her phone. "WOW" she said amazed, she showed me her phone and this is what I saw

@Nicole1D: OMG @KateKnight is dating @NiallHoran

@SarahDirectioner: Niall is dating a girl named Kate?

@LucyXOXO: aww @KateKnight and @NiallHoran looks so cute together ♥

"WHAT!?" I complained "Wait, wait, wait, wait, why is my twitter account in your phone!" I added "umm... you see.... uh... its 

... its just..." is her answer "Just shut up and log out" I said angrily. I can't believe Joy has my twitter account, no wonder there's some embarrassing pics of me in twitter, oh yeah and I can't believe they think me and Niall are dating. How could people know that already? I knew One Direction's fans are crazy but that really.


"Hello, you still there?" Joy said while snapping her fingers in my face. "I'm still alive but I think we need to go home" I suggested.


Me and Joy drove home. Its so hard to hide from all the paparazzi's outside. "FINALLY HOME!" I screamed running inside the house. I know the house isn't locked cause I know the boys are in there. "It took you a long time to come home" Carlos said but still focusing on the video game. "What happened to you?" Justin asked and turned around. "We got mobbed, and by 'we' I mean some pop star and me" I said sitting next to them.

Niall's P.O.V.

I took out my phone and called harry. 

"Harry can you pick me up." 

"Yeah sure. Where are you?"  

"I'm here in front of the mall" 

"ok, can Louis come" 

"sure as long as you two don't start being weird"  

I just sat there waiting for Harry to come. And 'Finally' he came. "open the door" I ordered, I came in.


"Something Interesting happened to mr. Niall?" Louis asked as he turn around. "Nothing much" I lied, the thing is I met the girl of my dreams or the one that I should call my princess. "Really? So what does this mean, huh?" Louis said showing me his phone. A lot of people keep tweeting about me and Kate. Most of it are negative and some say that we should date, and I wish we could too but she probably hates me.


"So why are you with Katie?" Harry interrupted my thoughts "She's Kate and we're not dating we just bought some coffee" I answered. "No her real name is Katie" Harry corrected "How do you know?" I asked. "She was a close friend of mine before I left for x-factor" he explained "Yeah he always talk about her when we were alone together but he stopped eventually" Louis added. "You like her don't you Niall" Louis teased "NO! Why would I like a girl who basically hate me!" I complained. "Good cause HazzaBear here likes her a lot or should I say love her" Louis said.


What!? Harry and I like the same girl! No way, he must be joking. "Are you serious" I said in disbelief "Oh, I'm dead serious he got jealous of just seeing you two together" Louis add. What!? Why!? Ugh, how can 2/5 of One Direction like the SAME girl.


Kate's P.O.V.

I'm just sitting at the table with my 3 bestest friends. "I'm bored. Let's do something" I said in a bored tone "Yeah me too" Joy agreed. And hey I just realized Joy is my only friend that is a girl. "Hey why are we best friends even though we're totally different" I told Joy "Because I've been in your life since we were kids and I'm the ONLY girl who likes you just the way you are." Joy explained. "How did you two met?" Justin asked. Joy and I looked at each other...


We were at school in tenth grade, it was a week after Harry had left and I was really sad, still. Our teacher decided that I needed friends so she put us in a group for an assignment, we became fast friends from there.

*Flashback over*

"Oh so that's how you met" Carlos said pretending to be amazed. "Like you actually listened" I said "And to think of it that was the first time I smiled to a girl" I realised. "That was?" Justin responded "Yup" I said popping out the 'p'.


"Let's go to the soccer field and practice" Justin suggested "Let's go" I said pointing at the front door. "You all know that I can't play soccer right" Joy confirmed "Yeah that's why you're just gonna sit there and watch me win" Justin confidently said. I know Justin likes Joy but never told anyone I just knew about it cause I forced him to say it.

Justin,Carlos, and I went to the soccer field where we found closed. "What!?" Carlos hissed "Ugh, where are we going NOW?" I asked. "We could always go with Joy at the mall" Justin said "Good plan. We'll go bowling!" I agreed.


I took the keys from Justin. "Can I drive please" I pleaded "NO!" both of them said in sync. "Bet you can't get these keys" I said waving the keys and got to the drivers seat. "No we're gonna die if you drive" Justin said while carrying me on his shoulders and throwing me to the back seat. I sighed. "Let's go then" Carlos yelled getting in the car. "Can I drive...." I said repeatedly to annoy Justin while driving. "SHUT THE FUCK UP KATE!" he finally yelled as he looked me straight in the eyes. "Look out!" Carlos yelled as well and with that we crashed into a tree....

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