What Just Happened?

Hi I'm Katie but I go with the name Kate. I live with my 3 best friends. I practically live with 6 others as well, the worst is the extra 6 are the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction, and their drummer, Josh. Did I mention that I hate One Direction, I always have, even before I met them. I'm a bit of a tomboy but I'm slowly turning into more of a girl though. My life changed when I met 4/5 of One Direction and Josh, I already knew the other one though, only before he was famous. Now I have 3/5 of One Direction and Josh chasing after me, oh god.


18. Chapter 16 - Just Like Old Times

I gently kiss the side of his lip that’s not busted.

I kiss him gently on the forehead.

Kissing him gently on the cheek.

Kiss his cheek softly.




Joy’s POV

I can’t believe I just did that, I snapped at Jill. I called her a cow and said that the only reason she wants me at her wedding is because otherwise her mommy will cut off her allowance. Oh my god. I actually just got myself uninvited from the wedding. Awkward. I rummage through my purse and find my phone, turning on Bluetooth I call mom.

“Hello darling!” She answers fondly, I may be a bit of a tomboy, but I’m still momma’s little girl!

“Uh, hey mom,” I start, how do I explain this?

“Don’t worry sweetheart, Caroline just called me, it’s fine, I’m not mad and neither is Caroline, we all know Jill had it coming, the way she treats you.” Mom explains, I can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief at that, I talk to mom for the whole trip home and then hang up as I go inside.

I walk up the stairs and throw my keys on the kitchen table, I suppose I had better find Kate to tell her that we’re uninvited. I walk around the house calling out to Kate, but get no answer, only distinct a ‘shut up’ vibe from the boys who keep glaring at me, I glance towards the T.V to find out that they’re watching soccer, I can’t help but smile at their boyishness. I decide to first call Kate so I head out into the court yard to do that. She takes it surprisingly well so after we hang up I go into the kitchen to find both boys getting their coats on.

“Um, guys? Where are you going?” I ask,

“Going to kick a footy, wanna come?” Justin asks, I nod and grab my coat too as the boys call a cab to take us to the footy field. This will be great, it’ll get my mind off everything!


Kate’s POV

I arrive at the boys' house and walk into the living room to find Zayn and Liam sitting on the sofas watching… Tennis? God these boys have no taste in sport! Zayn shuffles over when he sees me and pats the seat next to him, I smile but shake my head.

“No thanks boys, I think I’ll just make some food for the four idiots you call your brothers.” I chuckle, they both laugh along with me.

I walk into the kitchen and open the fridge to find lots of fresh fruit, a bottle of milk, cheese, eggs and a few vegetables. I then open the pantry to find macaroni, bread, rice, oats, cereal, chocolate powder and a few other foods. I make Harry a fruit smoothie with oats in it for protein to keep him full, I remember how much he used to love these, especially when he got braces on and could barely eat. I then make Niall and Louis macaroni and cheese because it’s quick. Lastly I make Josh scrambled eggs on toast because that’s easy to eat when you’re sitting very stiffly.

I take the hot food into the boys first and help Josh sit up before taking the smoothie into Harry’s room and shutting the door behind me. He looks up and manages a small smile before quickly going back to frowning, he must be in a lot of pain even a week after the fight. I walk over and sit down on his bed next to him, handing him the smoothie he looks at me confused, then he opens his mouth before wincing and closing it again. I smile.

“You remembered?” He chokes out, I can’t believe he forced himself through the pain of speaking just to say that.

I nod and smile at him as he starts drinking the smoothie through the straw, I can’t help but remember old times, this used to be a daily thing for us.


I knock loudly on the door and wait for an answer, the door swings open and Gemma smiles at me before telling me that Harry’s upstairs dying, I giggle and say hello to Anne who tells me to wait before dashing into the kitchen and returning with two glasses. Each glass is filled with a thick pink liquid that I know is a fruit and oat smoothie, it’s all Harry has really been eating since he got his braces on last week, that, and custard or jelly. {A/N: Jelly/Jello, same difference, I’m talking about the wobbly food that is made with gelatine.}

I smile at Anne before walking upstairs and knocking on Harry’s door, I open the door without waiting for an answer and I see Harry sitting on his bed reading a book, he looks up and smiles at me. I smile back and hand him one of the smoothies.

“Thanks.” He says, taking a small sip of the smoothie, I taste mine too and soon enough we’re both finished, I put the glasses on his desk and rest my head against Harry’s shoulder, he smiles and puts his arm around me cautiously, waiting for how I react I suppose. I snuggle into his shoulder and he sighs a contented sigh.

*Flashback Over*

I smile and wait for him to finish before taking his cup and putting it on his bedside table. He looks at me oddly and I gently rest my head on his shoulder, I’m going all out here, and it could end badly but anyhow. Harry looks down at me and smiles before hesitantly wrapping an arm around me, I snuggle into his shoulder and he sighs.

“Just like old times.” I say, I wait for a response but he doesn’t give one so I keep quiet and continue lying on him.

We lie there for 5 minutes before Liam knocks on the door and calls out my name, I quickly wriggle free of Harry’s hold and grab his glass before kissing his forehead and retreating out of the room.

“Joy called, she said that here and the boys are kicking a footy at the field if you’re looking for them.” Liam says, I smile and nod before putting Harry’s glass in the kitchen and collecting the other boys’ plates.

I walk into the living room to find Liam and Zayn making eating sandwiches, they say hello and Zayn points to a third plate set out for me with two sandwiches on it. I smile gratefully and make my way over to the table. 


Author's Note



Yes, I posted ANOTHER CHAPTER TODAY!!!!!! I know, I know, I'm good. That's like, 5 chapters in 3 days isn't it...? {But hey, who's counting, right?}


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