What Just Happened?

Hi I'm Katie but I go with the name Kate. I live with my 3 best friends. I practically live with 6 others as well, the worst is the extra 6 are the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction, and their drummer, Josh. Did I mention that I hate One Direction, I always have, even before I met them. I'm a bit of a tomboy but I'm slowly turning into more of a girl though. My life changed when I met 4/5 of One Direction and Josh, I already knew the other one though, only before he was famous. Now I have 3/5 of One Direction and Josh chasing after me, oh god.


17. Chapter 15 - Fixing Them

I open my mouth to talk to them when my phone vibrates in my purse, I take it out and look at the caller ID, Joy.




Kate’s POV

“Answer it. We can wait.” Louis says, giving me a small smile which I gratefully return. I nod and walk outside to answer the call.

“Hey girllll, wassup?” I say in a gangsta voice, she laughs because she knows I’m about as far from being a gangsta as I am to being a ballerina.

“Are you at the boys’ house?” She asks,

“Um, yeah, why?”

“I just got home and, well, we’re no longer invited to the wedding… I blew it at Jill, she was being a mega cow and I couldn’t hold it in, then I called mom and she said it was fine and she’d talk to Jill’s mom about it and that I didn’t have to worry about it, she chose one of her cow friends to be the maid of honor instead of me and now neither of us have to go. Sorry that you had to waste money on the dress.” She says very quickly, it sounds as though she’s about to crack though, which is weird because she’s the strongest girl I know.

“Hey, don’t worry about it, the dress is hot anyway, I can wear it someplace else, I’m just glad you don’t have to act like you like her anymore, I’ll be home in about 2 hours, okay?” I say in what I hope is a somewhat soothing tone.

I hear her sniff on the other end and she says goodbye, we hang up and I text Carlos telling him to make sure she’s alright but not to tell her I mentioned it, he replies and I go back inside to talk to the boys.

I walk back into the living room to find the boys still sitting where I left them in an awkward silence, they all glance up as I walk in, Liam and Zayn smile at from their seat on top of the table and the other boys look at me expectantly, I take a deep breath and clear my throat before I begin talking.

“Um, well, firstly, that was Joy, her and her friend who is getting married had a fight so Joy and I aren’t going to the wedding anymore, so I don’t need a date anyway.” I announce, the four boys sitting on the lounges try to hide their relief but I can see it in their faces, I guess they’re glad that I’m not going with the other three. “But that does not mean you four are off the hook, you are all really nice guys, most of the time,” I add, glancing at Josh, he looks straight ahead of him and avoids my gaze though. “And I love you all like brothers for now, but beating each other up is just plain stupid because you all got hurt and your egos got hurt when I saw you fighting. I’m happy to see that you seem to be getting along a bit better now though.”

I walk over and give Harry, Louis and Niall a hug before crouching down next to Josh and giving him a side hug as well, I then hug Zayn and Liam before walking to the door.

“I’ll be back soon, stay in the living room and Josh don’t try to move.” I order before heading to my car and driving to the chemist.

I buy some cream to put on bruising, lots of painkillers, medical ice-packs that mould to the shape of a wound, some ointment to stop infections and some bandages. When I get back to the boys’ house I find them all except Zayn and Liam sitting or lying exactly where I left them. I go to the kitchen and get four tall glasses and fill them with water, I take the first one to Harry with some painkillers and tell him to take them, he refuses to open his mouth though.

“Harry, oddly enough this isn’t the first time I’ve forced you to take painkillers after you’ve been in a punch-up, and I don’t think it’ll be the last time either, but it’s going to hurt a lot more if you don’t take these, stop being a baby and swallow the damn tablets!” I say in a slightly bossy tone, he gets the point and swallows them though. I give each of the other boys some as well before telling them all to go to their rooms, I hoist Josh onto my shoulder and walk him to his room as well.

I then go to Harry’s room with the infection ointment, bruising cream, an ice-pack and a bottle of water with a straw. I rub some cream into Harry’s jaw and then dab at his lib with a tissue soaked in infection ointment, he winces every time I dab at his cut but I continue doing so, I gently kiss the side of his lip that’s not busted and put the ice-pack on his jaw, he holds it there with one hand and gently wraps the other around me, I hug him back and put the bottle of water on his bedside table before getting up and walking to Niall’s room across the hall, shutting the door as I do so.

I knock on Niall’s door and then open it without waiting for a response, he looks up when he sees me and I smile at him before walking over to his bed with the bruising cream, bottle of water and the ice-pack, I rub some of the cream into the side of his head and wrap the ice-pack in a tea towel before putting it over his eye. I kiss him gently on the forehead and he smiles, I then put the water on his bedside table and walk out, shutting the door behind me.

I knock on Louis’ door next and open it when he says come in, he looks down when he sees me and I walk over to him with the bruising cream, bandages, bottle of water and some tissues. I put some of the cream on the top part of his nose as he draws his breath in with pain, I then put a few tight half-bandages on his nose to stop it from bleeding because it is constantly bleeding and then stopping again. I wet the tissues and wipe the dry blood from under his nose before placing the water next to his bed and kissing him gently on the cheek, he gives me a slight hug which I return before walking out and shutting the door.

I walk down the hall and knock softly on Josh’s door, he says yes and I open the door to find him on his bed with his eyes shut. I walk in holding the bruising cream, anti-inflammatory, bandages and the bottle of water. He opens his eyes and looks at me, he then glance to my hand and gives me a grateful look, I walk over and sit next to him on his bed, I lie the water down on his bed before rubbing some anti-inflammatory and the bruising cream into his rib cage softly. I then stretch a half-bandage over his torso to keep it from hurting when he moves and kiss him gently on the cheek. I then help him sit up stiffly and make sure he drinks some water before walking out and shutting his door behind me.


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