I'll be your strength

The wanted love story about two friends who fall in love one of them with a perfect relationship another who is just holding on but will their relationship be make or break!!
written by my good friend raacheal <3


9. chapter 9

Nathan's POV
It had been 3 days since Sophie had walked out on me. Don't blame her really. Rachael said she just didn't want to see me yet. I didn't even know where she was staying. Neither of the girls had stayed long enough to get any information out of them. I just wanted to explain.


I loved her so much. Siva kept telling me that i should stop telling myself that because she know i love her. But i felt so stupid. 
We had a photoshoot today for our new single cover and hopefully they would be coming so maybe i could grab a chance at talking to her - or at least seeing her.

Sophie's POV
"Cmon." Rachael begged me. She was determined to get me to go to the photoshoot with them. I wanted too. But then i didn't at the same time. "Fine." She said, collapsing onto the average more-than-uncomfortable sofa we had in our room. "Stay here... all by yourself.... without a TV." 
"FINE." I said, throwing a cushion in her face.
So now i had to go. 

Jay's POV
I reached for my phone that was buzzing on the ledge in front of me. The make up artist held my head still as i did so - it was a struggle but i reached for it. 2 messages. I read the first one that was from my brother - he wanted to go fishing when he was over. The second one was from Rachael. 
'RachyBaby: Persuaded her to come with us! Just don't tell Nath - we're setting off now, just waiting for her to get ready. You know how it is! :D Love ya loads <33xx'
Great! Then maybe they can make up and be normal again instead of hiding from each other.
I threw it back onto the top and looked at myself in the mirror. We were at our photoshoot to promote our new TV show 'The Wanted Life'. They'd styled my hair to look neater than it usually was and before i had time to admire my unique perfection the clothing people had whipped me up out of my seat and were throwing clothes in my arms. 
"Try those on first." The lady said, looking around and then shouting for Nathan. "Where's Nathan got too?" She bustled away from me and i just looked at the nice suit in my arms. 
"What's up?" Siva said as he passed me. I looked at him - he was stroking his suited jacket, smoothing it down. I shook my head and began to strip into my suit - (my birthday suit.) hahaa. Just kidding.
I barely had time to put the thing on before i was whisked off onto to set. But it was all over in 10 minutes. Sometimes i wonder if it was worth all that effort of make-up and stuff. Just throw us infront of a camera naturally and the fans love it.
Sophie's POV
I took a deep breath secretly and sighed as we wandered up the studio corridor. When we came to the door with 'THE WANTED' noted on it i felt myself go all tingly - like i had the first time i'd gone out with Nathan. He'd told me he'd felt the same so i convinced myself he was right now... that was supposing the girls had told them i was coming along today. 
"Come on Sophie." Rachael said holding the door open. I must have flew off for a moment. I smiled and walked through. People dashed around with clothes and cameras but my eyes immediately fell on the boys that were posing on a block infront of a white screen. They didn't notice us to start with which gave me time to give myself the once over. 
"You look fine." Kelsey said coming over to me and hugging me. She must have come earlier with Tom. AND she must have noticed my facial expression. I hugged her back. "He's missed you." She whispered into my ear. I smiled at her as she let go of me. I pushed my hair back out of my face, before she laughed and grabbed my hand leading me over to the side of the shooting area where she had been sat - beside Jane. 
"Oh, hello Sophie, nice to see you here!" She exclaimed - i smiled and glanced towards Nathan who i swear shifted in his seat a little upon hearing my name. Maybe it was just me. 
"Glad to be here!" I replied. 
"Glad you came!" Rachael flung her arm around my shoulder. We all laughed getting the joke - this caused the boys to turn around and look at us. I didn't look at Nathan - i looked at Siva who waved towards us. I did a mini wave back.
"They should be around five minutes." Jane said, looking at her watch. "Then they'll have around an hour till their next stop." She confirmed, i watched as some of the crew busied her away.
Then someone turned on the radio at the photographers request. The speakers blasted out 'Gangnam Style'. Everyone in the rather large room began chuckling with a few of them dancing to it. Kelsey included. 
"HEEEEEEEY SEXY LADDDDY" Rachael yelled joining in with Kelsey. I watched as they sang along. They kept making me join in untill i gave in and joined in properly. Before long we had a couple of the other crew joined in and we were all Gangnam styling at the back of the room to the radio. I looked back to the other side where the boys were still taking photos and noticed Jane recording us - laughing. Probably for the Wanted Wednesday video. 
"Annnnnnd, that was Gangnam Style as requested by..." The radio presenter continued after the song had finished. The crew began working on what they had been doing before while me and the girls sat down on the boxes. "And next we are gonna play Kiss You by One Direction for all you Directioners listening right now. So here we go!" Someone yelled 'TURN IT OFF' (<<< Get it? LOLOLOLOL) But before he could Rachael was on the machine turning it up. She LOVED One Direction. Coincidence right? 
"BABY SAY YEAHYEAHYEAHHHHH YEAH YEAH AND LET ME KISS YOU!" She danced over to where i was and we sang it together with everyone in the room giving us dissapproving looks. We didn't care - while Jay and the others had been on tour Rachael had taken me to see One Direction at Sheffield - FRONT ROW. They didn't seem overly excited about it though but HEY. LOL.


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