I'll be your strength

The wanted love story about two friends who fall in love one of them with a perfect relationship another who is just holding on but will their relationship be make or break!!
written by my good friend raacheal <3


8. chapter 8

Sophie's POV
I felt betrayed. What the hell had i done to him. 
"Soph. I'm sure he can explain." Rachael said - trying to calm me down but i was in a mood - and i wanted answers now.
"What? What do you expect him to say? ì didn't mean it sophie - it was an accident." I snapped sarcastically. She looked back at me shocked.
"Yes. Yes, that's exactly what i expect him to say." She yelled at me - annoyed that i wasn't listening now. I quickened my pace as i snook out the back entrance to avoid the boy's fans waiting outside. She followed me - i knew she wasn't gonna let this drop. "Sophie -" I slowed down to a walk and let her catch up. 
"What do you want me to do? What should i do?" I looked at her. She was staring me back. Her cheeks red from all the rushing after me. She put a hand on her chest and the other leaning on the wall. She took on deep breath - calculating her answer. "Cmon, relationship master." I joked, cracking a smile - she's always been there to tell me what to do when me and nath first got together - yet she never got a boyfriend herself because she was convinced they were cursed. That was untill we convinced her to come round to mine more often - and it just so appened that the boys would be round there. Or we'd plan for Nathan to come and pick me up or come and fetch us both and it just so happened that Jay was in the car - See what we did? We never thought it would work though.
"What did i tell you when you first asked me if you and him would be okay together?" She said.  I thought about it.
"You said 'Don't do it Sophie, they are all cursed.'" She grinned.
"Exactly. And what did you do anyway?" 
"I went out with him." I said shyly. 
"Yes. Yes you did. Now do you see why i said that?" She leant fully against the wall now. Made it look quite menacing. I nodded.
"What would you do?" I looked at her. I caught her off guard - she didn't know what to say. 
"Well, uhm, if it were me - i'd go and hide in a cupboard with some cereal and never come out again. No i'm kidding - tbh, i don't know Sophie. It's your call. But i do think you should hear him out." I looked up. "At some point." she added smiling at me - showing her invisible braces. 
I sighed as looked around the car park at the back of the building. We leant against the wall for around 10 minutes or more before the temperature started to drop and i didn't have a coat. 
"Do you want me to go and get you some stuff and we can find another room or hotel somewhere else?" She asked, caringly noticing that i was visible shaking because i was cold. 
"I don't have any money on me." I said. Stating the obvious.
"It's okay, i do. You wait here. I won't be long." Rachael tore off her jacket and handed it to me. I shook my head as i saw she was only wearing a t-shirt. She ignored me and threw it at me before strolling back to the door texting on her phone. Before she went back in the unauthorised door she looked back. "Stay there." She ordered. I didn't intend in going anywhere.
Jay's POV
I sat beside Siva on the couch watching Nathan mumble away to himself. His facial expressions changing from time to time. Siva was texting to the guys in the room next door what had happened after i had managed to whisper it to him - if it's any help, i'm not a good whisperer.
Nathan sat twiddling with the magazine that Rachael had found. He had obviously seen it before because why on earth would it be down the back of the hotel room sofa?
I jumped when i felt my phone buzz in my pocket - it was on full vibrate. I took it out of my pocket and watched as Nathan's head shot up and glared at me as i did so. I gave him a suspicious look and carried on. I looked at the message.
Sexy Rach;
I'm gonna' take Soph to find another room 2nite - on my way up now 2 get sum stuff. xxx
Nathan was still staring at me when i looked back up - but his focus soon changed from me, to the door when it opened and Rachael slid in. She gave us a little smile before both myself and Nathan jumped - him a little quicker though. He ran straight to Rachael.
"Where is she?" He begged. He was so desperate to speak to her.
"I don't know." She shrugged, trying to get past him. He didn't move.
"You mean, you've left her by herself? Are you serious? I need to see her." I began to walk over to them when Rachael pushed Nathan back slightly when he tried to get past her.
"Listen Nathan. You've made this mess - you sort it out. But she really doesn't wanna talk to you right now and to be honest i'm not suprised. Just leave her alone and she'll see you when she wants too. It's not my fault you kissed someone else is it?" Nathan looked shocked at the fact she had had a go at him. I was a little shocked as well actually. "I just came to grab some stuff"
She walked over to me and then hinted i should follow her as she went to where Sophie's case was in Nathan's room. I helped her gather some belongings into her bag.
"Is she ok?" I asked helping her fold them into the bag. She looked at me and smiled.
"Yeah, don't think she knows what to think bless her. I told her all guys are creeps." She said squashing a jacket into the bag.
"Hey!" I joked, pushing her back slightly. We both laughed. I was a little upset that we wernt spending the time together. It had been 2 months since we had seen each other properly - spent more than 2 hours together. But i suppose she had always been the one who put her friends and family first. 
It was at that moment when i noticed Nathan leant in the doorway. He was watching us as we packed the bag - the awkwardness in the air cut have been cut by a knife. 
"Do you think i'm an idiot?" He asked staring blankly at me. Made me feel a bit weird actually. 
"Yeah, you are." Siva said, appearing behind him and throwing his arm over his shoulder. "But you always have been." Nathan cracked a little smile. I was just about to close the bag when Nathan stopped me and handed me his cap. 
"It's her favourite." He said. I looked at Rach who took it from me and threw the bag over her shoulder. 
"See you later, i'll text you." She said, side hugging me and rushing out the room. I followed her.
"See you guys." She said passing Tom and Kelsey sat on the couch watching the football. When she left the room and was in the corridor, i shut the door to behind me. She turned round and stood square to me. I pulled my jacket around her.
"I'll text where we are but we'll be back in the morning i tell you now." She stated shrugging my jacket on properly. I nodded and pulled her into a cuddle. 
"Never stops does it?" I said, kissing her goodbye. She laughed and walked to the lift, waving as she entered it.
When i re-entered the hotel room, all the boys were crowding round the TV. Great. the game had gone to penalties. 
I found my inner Chelsea fan state of mind and joined them.



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