I'll be your strength

The wanted love story about two friends who fall in love one of them with a perfect relationship another who is just holding on but will their relationship be make or break!!
written by my good friend raacheal <3


7. chapter 7

Sophie's POV
I knew that he had been hiding something from me. I sat and stared at the picture - maybe there was some mistake- it wasnt Nathan. But the more i looked at it - the more i believed it was him. My heart pounded deep in my chest. I just wish Rach hadn't of told me. Then i wouldn't have knowna nd we could have carried on the evening like any normal person would. But no - one small part of me kept on hating her... but it was true - i knew she'd rather tell me if she saw my boyfriend cheat on me than leave it and let me find out online or something.
'It didn't happen." I said quietly folding up the magazine and putting it into my hoodie pocket. Then tears fell from my eyes - i shurgged them away wiping my eyes. Mascara everywhere. 
Fuck' I thought but i just sat and cried. How could he cheat on me? Did i do something? I'd never have done that to him? Then i heard a knock on the door, i didn't move - then whoever it was came in. I knew it was Nathan. 
"Sophie?" He asked soothingly. I shook my head and he came round my side of the bed and sat down. "Sophie, whats up?" He repeated lifting my head so i was looking at him. He noticed my mascara and wiped my face with his sleeve. I couldn't look at him. This was terrible. "Why aare you crying?" Nathan went to pull me into a hug but i resisted and pulled back. 
"Why didn't you tell me?" I spat quickly. Still not looking at his beautiful face. 
"What?" He said, shocked - like he had no idea. I looked at him this time.
"You know what i'm talking about." I said, staring him the eye for only a second before standing up.
Nathan's POV
I watched as she stood up. She wasn't meant to find out like this.
"Look, Soph. I was gonna tell you - just finding the right time." I stood up and took a step towards her. She took a step backwards. I didn't understand. She turned harshly.
"Right time? Right time?" She shouted. I'd never heard her shout before. Truth was; i was gonna tell her - i was gonna tell everyone, i was just waiting for the doctor to tell me what it was exactly wrong with me - i knew it was my vocal chords but there was no final diagnosis untill they'd taken final tests which i had managed to sneak off too last week unnoticed.
"Yes! I didn't want to tell you guys yet!" I said again - but i found my voice raised aswell this time. She flinched at my tone which made me feel bad - but she wasn't listening. 
"Why did you do it then?" She yelled standing square to me. Why did i do what? 
"I didn't tell you because-" I didn't get chance to finish because she forced her way past me and towards the door. 
"So you cheat on me and then don't tell me? and then try and reason? Did i do something?" Sophie cried this time. Cheating? What? My mind raced. What was she on about.
"What?" I mumbled. She looked at me disgusted.
"Is it because i'm not pretty enough? I'm not skinny enough?" 
"Sophie what are you talking about?" I yelled. She threw something onto the bed infront of me.
"Don't tell me you dont know." She yelled back. I had never seen her like this. But i looked at the magazine and saw what she was on about. Now i knew what she was on about. It was a mistake - i never cheated on her - it wasn't like that - I was drunk and she kissed me. I got out of there as fast as i could after she let go of me - i didn't expect anyone to get a picture though - i kind of put it to the back of my mind and hoped i'd forget about it. 
"Sophie - i swear down -" I put the magazine down and walked towards Sophie but she just shook her head and ran out of the door. "Sophie-" I called after her as i followed her. Jay, Siva and Rachael were all sat on the sofas but Rachael immediately jumped up when she saw Sophie running for the door. 
"Sophie wait." She said. Looking straight at me with one of those glances. I went after them but Jay stopped me.
"Leave it Nathan." He whispered placing a hand on my chest. I looked up at him. 
"Let go of me." I said trying to shug him off but he stood in front of me. I watched as both of the girls dissapeared down the corridor to the lift at the end. "Sophie, please." I shouted as the doors closed. I tryed one last time to get out of Jay's grip but the man is strong. 
I had to explain. I needed to tell her what happened. It was a mistake - it was a mistake.
"Cmon Nathan" Jay said tugging me gently. I stared at the empty corridor. "Nathan." He said pulling me harder this time. I turned and walked back into  the room. By this time the others had heard all the noise and come out of the next room to see what had happened. They all shared questioning glances. 
I wandered over to the sofa and sank down into the seat. Jay's phone tinkered and he looked at it, before typing out a text - i guessed it was rachael. He then put it away in his pocket and sat down beside me.

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