I'll be your strength

The wanted love story about two friends who fall in love one of them with a perfect relationship another who is just holding on but will their relationship be make or break!!
written by my good friend raacheal <3


6. chapter 6

Sophie's POV
"Shhh." I whispered hearing noises outside of the room in the hallway. The girls held a silence while we examined the voices. 
"What time is it?" We heard Max ask. Someone replied '6.03pm' Blimey - i thought. Was it really? Then we heard the key card swipe through the door acceptor and beep saying it had been accepted. We all fell onto the sofa chairs and pretended to be asleep.
"Cosy in here isn't it?" Siva asked - then i heard something like a bag hit the floor so i guessed one of them threw it on the floor from behind us  - seen as the sofas faced the other way.
"Shhh" I think Jay said. I'm guessing he'd seen us all 'asleep' "I think they're asleep" He said - i wasn't sure if he said 'asleep' sarcastically or he really believed it. I grinned but not too much in case one of the boys was in front of me and saw me. 
"Hang on." I heard someone say. Then there was a scream from one of the others. Kelsey. I'm guessing Tom had done something. I peered out of one eye and saw him with her over his shoulder, then a massive face appeared in front of mine. 
"I knew you were faking." Nathan laughed as i jumped up. Looking round i saw that Rachael had disappeared. 
"Where'd Rach go?" I asked Nath. He shrugged his shoulders and sat on the sofa beside me - putting his arm around my shoulder. I looked round the room for her but she was no-where i could see her. Jay sat down on the sofa opposite us and put his feet up on the neat coffee table that separated us. 
"Where's Rach?" He asked. I shrugged and he did the same thing as i did - except he looked a little bit more disappointed. 
"She was here a minute ago." 
"Probably saw your beard and ran off." Siva said, heading through to the bathroom.
Rachaels POV
I winced from my hiding position. Hiding between a sofa and a wall wasn't the easiest thing to do for someone who isn't a skinny bitch. When i'd jumped on the sofa i missed and had to crawl behind it. I heard everything from where i was. They were all asking where i was. So i took out my phone and sent out a few tweets.


Just for the laughs, i thought it'd be funny to actually tweet Jay because i knew he wasn't gonna look behind the sofa. I was right for a while. My arm tingled as i lay on it so i stretched it out without making too much noise. Unluckily for me something crunched underneath me. I stayed frozen for a few seconds, like we had at the boys flat a while back. Nobody notices so i took a look at it. A magazine? Down the back of a sofa? I picked it up and looked at the page it was open on. My heart skipped a couple of beats and i didn't blink. 
Nathan, 19, spotted with mystery blonde on boys night out.
The subheading said. I tried my best not to make too much noise but my heart was racing. WHAT? I was in overload. But then i calmed myself and thought maybe it was an old photo from one of the boys old music video's - but it wasn't. It was right there. As i scanned the page - it was just a small article at the bottom of the gossip page but still - there it was. A photo of Nathan (if not, he has a remarkable look-a-like) kissing another girl. A blonde. Sophie definitley wasn't blonde. WTF. 
My phone buzzed. I picked it up from beside me and glanced at it - not letting go of the article. It was a tweet, from Jay;

I ignored it for the time being.
I carried on reading the article but whether i believed it or not - was a different matter because you hear of this all the time - that's why Jay didn't want to tell anyone about us just yet - wanted to make sure we were strong before any press interference. 
I heard someone move off one of the sofa's. Shit. i thought again - i don't know why but i found myself shaking a little. I had to show Sophie. Maybe she already knew - maybe they'd sorted it - or maybe not. 
I slipped the mag into the front of my jeans and laid it under my tshirt flat against my stomach - then zipped up my jacket very quietly. 
'The t'v flicked on and i recognised the chanting to belong to a football match. Man-Utd vs. Chelsea.
Now how can i get out of here unnoticed? I mouthed - struggling to see a way out. Damn it i thought and tweeted again. 


Nobody reacted for a few minutes, untill they must have noticed my tweet and Jays head popped over the top of the sofa - grinning. 
"How did you get down there gurl?" He asked, giving me his hand and pulling me up. I managed to clamber back over to the other side and to my surprise Jay was the only one in the room. But i could hear them all in the room next door. 
"I missed the sofa?" I joked, as we fell back on the sofa. I was right about the TV as well - Chelsea were winning 2-1. Take that Man-U.
Jays POV
I watched Rachael for a few seconds. She looked a  bit shifty. Kept feeling her stomach. I felt edgy - like she wanted to tell me something. To start with i thought she was gonna turn round and tell me she was pregnant or something - but i knew that wasn't possible (we were safe ;)!) 
"What's up babe?" I said. She looked at me surprised that i had noticed. 
"Nothing." She quickly replied. I knew there was. I felt a bit numb for some reason.
"Yes there is." I said removing my arm from around her and turning to look at her. I wanted an answer.
"Well." She said. I thought maybe i had done something.
"What have i done?" I asked. She laughed.
"Not you, you daft twat." She slapped my knee. 
"Well." I pressed on. I watched as she looked at the closed door between us and the rest. Then she pulled out a magazine from up her top. Why would she have that there? I thought totally confused now. She handed it to me at the 'gossip' page. i looked at it confused. She noticed and pointed to the bottom bit.
Nathan, 19, spotted with mystery blonde on boys night out.
"What?" I whispered. Examining the point and looking at the picture. I hadn't seen this. My mouthed opened a little in shock - now i knew what she was on about. 
I tried to think about when this could have been taken but then i remembered that one night Tom, Max and Nath had gone out together and thay all came back at different times. Tom came back first - Nathan second and then Max turned up the morning after, said he'd woken up in airport by police officicers. Lets not go there. 
Before i had time to comment the door flung open causing me to shove the magazine underneath the cushion. I looked at Rachael again who looked confused.  
Rachael's POV
"Nathan, you comin?" Jay said. 
"Yup." he replied bounding out after Jay. We'd sent them down to the lobby to fetch our pizza's for us. There were no pizza's but we thought it was a good idea at the time. 
"Sophie." I said gently sitting down ont he edge of the chair beside her. 
"What?" She said, beaming a smile at me. She did that whenever she had seen Nathan - still as love-struck as when they first met. I didn't wanna ruin that. But i couldn't lie.
I handed her the magazine and she did the same as Jay - look dazed - i pointed it out and stood up stepping back a little. I watched as her face slowly changed to dissapointment. Her smile faded. 
"Wha-" she mouthed turning the page to see if there was anymore to the story but there wasn't. 
"I'm so sorry." I said, tears forming in my own eyes at seeing her upset like that. I hoped it wasn't true. She re-read it over and over, shaking her head. Then she stormed out of the sitting area to one of the bedrooms. I didn't follow. I just stood where i was staring at the door. What did i do? I should have kept quiet. I listened to the voices coming from the room next door. 
Seconds later, the door flung open. Nathan strolled in taking off his snapback, running a hand through his hair and dropping the cap on the kitchen side. Jay followed him and looked at me. I shook my head. I watched as he looked at Nathan who had his back to us. 
"They said they are gonna bring it up when it arrives." He said. No one replied. He turned round and looked at both of our glances. "What?" he said, raising a brow. I looked away and looked at the room Sophie had ran in. 
"Is that Soph?" Nathan asked as he followed my sight and listened. There was a distant whimpering that could be heard. I felt so bad now.
"I think you should go and speak to her Nathan. She seemed pretty upset to me." I said, not hesitating to point out the obvious. He looked at me worried.
"Is that Soph?" He said, sterner this time. I nodded. Nathan abondoned his current mission and rushed to Sophie's room, knocking on it and then going in. I watched as JAy walked over to me.
"Where did you find that?" He asked me, whispering. I pointed to down the back of the sofa. 
Maybe he put it there to hide it.


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