I'll be your strength

The wanted love story about two friends who fall in love one of them with a perfect relationship another who is just holding on but will their relationship be make or break!!
written by my good friend raacheal <3


5. chapter 5

Jay's POV
The interviewer was another woman. And like the others she seemed to find the need to sit weirdly, what d othey say? Shoulders back? Yeah. Like that. I don' know why they do that but they always do. The next question.
"Nathan you recently went to Marvel theme park with your girlfriend - didn't you?" She said over pronouncing the word 'girlfriend' on purpose.
"Yeah! Yeah, we did it was so cool! It was nice to get away." He replied. I glanced past the camera and the womans boobs and watched Sophie, Rachael and Kelsey messing around by themselves - whispering. I smiled. 
"Is it true that you brought Superman onesie's?" She asked again ignoring the whole 'girlfriend' section. We all laughed. It was true in a way. 
"Yeah, but we didn't all buy the same one's it was Jay that bought the Superman onesie for his girlfriend. We got different ones - Max got an Hulk one and i got a Batman one!" I laughed along with them untill i realised what he had said and the interviewer looked right at me. No one was supposed to know yet. I looked at Nathan who seemed to realise what he had said too.
"You have a girlfriend?" She exclaimed. Everything stopped for a second. I didn't wanna tell yet. Or did i? I double checked past the camera again and the girls were still messing around taking funny pictures of each other.
"Yeah, loads." I replied calmly. The lady looked at me confused. The boys laughed. 
"So you do?" She asked again, leaning forward revealing far too much of her chest. I turned my head away slightly - i didn't wanna see that.
"Well, i don't know - i began to lose count of how many i have so i don't know if i do anymore - i'll have to check." I tried my best to stay cool. My new motto that Rach had given me was 'Stay cool, be cool'. So i tried. I couldn't help but think they all knew i was lying.
The interview lady did one of her fake laughs along with us and then carried on pressing questions into us. Mainly Nathan though. 
"And Cut." The camera man said - switching the camera's off. I immediately relaxed and looked at Nathan who mouthed some kind of 'Sorry' to me. I smiled and stood up stretching my back again - it still ached from sleeping on the floor.
"Thankyou guys you were great." The lady said again - shaking our hands. When she reached me though she stared me in the eyes which made me feel rather uncomfortable and leant in closer. "Good luck with the girlfriends" She said quietly - empasising the 's' way too much. I mumbled a pleasant 'thanks' and followed the others out of the room - Glancing back, she was still watching me, examining me - and out the building into the car that was waiting to take us to our next studio.
Nathan's POV
The door of the cab opened and the screaming hit us in the face immediately like a brick wall. Thousands maybe, of fans had found out where we were staying. I was about to think about if the girls had got in safe enough when Tom showed me the screen of his phone laughing;

I laughed. "They better have saved me some friggin food, i'm starving." I joked preparing myself and then jumping out into the madness. I heard my name beng screamed over and over and i waved into the flashing lights, smiling, whilst heading straight into the hotel as the security said it wasn't safe to stay out there. I felt a shove as i reached for the second set of doors. Someone had pushed Jay into me.
"Sorry bud." He said, "Someone was feeling me up man." He continued as we scuttled through the blacked out (tinted) doors. Suprisingly you couldn't hear the screaming from in here. But then i noticed that it was just me, Jay and Tom who had made it inside unscathed. Through the doors you could make out lots of bodies and movement but they must have been soundproofed aswell. 
"Well someone had to." Tom said collecting his key card from our security - hinting outside. Seconds later the doors opened again - the sounds peircing the air inside the reception area. Max and Siva waved before strolling inside. They looked like they had been sexually harrased. In a way i suppose they had really. Max's t-shirt was ruffled up at the front and Siva's jacket was hanging off one shoulder. Clutching peices of paper he walked over to us.
"Crazy shit just happened. A fan just jumped on top of me. I mean, properly jumped on me. Security had to pull her off and everything." That's why i had ran straight inside. 

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