I'll be your strength

The wanted love story about two friends who fall in love one of them with a perfect relationship another who is just holding on but will their relationship be make or break!!
written by my good friend raacheal <3


4. chapter 4

Tom's POV
"Well doesn't this look cosy?" I said sarcastically upon entering the kitchen. They laughed as i snatched Jay's slice of toast out of his hand. "Cheers Jay, i'm starving!"
"Hay" He joked, trying to snatch it back. He failed. I took the seat beside Rachael and Kelsey sat beside Naresha. I turned around and watched as our stylists and makeup artists all filed into the rather large sitting room, unpacking their things ready for us.
We'd been back just under 24 hours and we already had interviews to do. It just never stopped. I turned back and was just in time to notice Nathan and Max share a glance - like when they are planning something - I caught Max's glance and raised on brow questioningly. A second later my phone buzzed in my pocket. I immediately checked and it was a message from Max. It read;
Look who we found this morning! :)
I opened the file that was with it and it was a picture of Jay laid on the floor with Rachael beside him. They didn't look too comfortable - then i realised the boxes that were just in shot. They were asleep on the floor in the spare room. I grinned to myself holding back a laugh. They spied on a spy. lol.
Looking back up to Max he nodded slightly, rolled his eyes to Jay then raised his brows. Now i knew what they were on about. I looked at Rachael who was stirring her tea with a spoon gorming out. 
"You stir that anymore it'll turn to cheese." I said sitting up in my seat. Rach stopped stirring.
"I was out of it there. sorry!" She laughed. I watched as she picked up the mug and took a sip before shuffling closer to Jay. I leant in close enough so that only he could hear. He continued eating his toast.
"You told anyone yet?" He knew what i meant. He shook his head. I smiled at him. he was so content on protecting people close to him. I knew he only wanted the best but someone was gonna find out he had a girlfriend sometime or later.
"Who's first?" Jane said from in the room. Siva stood up immediately. 
"I'll go first!" He said, closing his newspaper and downing his drink. I scanned the front page of the paper. 'Harry Styles attacked by fans - guarded by armed security' I had to read this. But before i had chance to grab it Jane called me from the room - to sort my outfit. I made a mental note to read it later.
Sophie's POV
"This way." The chauffer said as he showed us the studio room where the boys were having their interview. They were all sat ready - messing around. 
"You can watch from here - just be careful not to make too much noise and make sure all phones are turned off." This was all normal routine for me and the girls. Stand and watch the interview and then off to the next one. 
The interviewer walked straight past us. As she passed, she looked me up and down and then gave me a dirtly look of dissapproval. I smiled back at her and she walked over to the boys, inroduced herself and then sat opposite them - pushing her chest out so that her boobs were almost popping out of the dress. I giggled and pointed it out to Rachael and Kels. They both imitated her and then we got told to shut up. 


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